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Choo-Choo Charles Gameplay, Plot And Ending Explained: Is The Terror Of Charles Really Over?

Choo-Choo Charles is one of the most popular indie video games. This game was released in 2022 and has managed to get widespread attention. Basically, in this action game, the player has to fight against Charles, who’s the main villain.

He is a spider-train hybrid monster whose purpose is to kill and eat others. He is only concerned with spreading destruction. The player will be an archivist who has to develop his defenses in such a way that Charles meets his end.

The player will be landing on an island that has been bearing the brunt of Charles’s evil actions. NPCs tell you how so many of them have been forced to work in the mines, and they cannot communicate with anyone. The player needs to defeat this spider demon train to free the island from his clutches.

Choo-Choo Charles Gameplay And Plot

We will be talking in brief about the gameplay of Choo-Choo Charles. The player will be transversing through an open-world map. There will be many goals that need to be fulfilled, like gathering loot and then utilizing it to equip the train. The upgrades will help the player wage war against Charles.

Now you cannot spot and get to Charles so easily. To reach this titular character, you need to find the three glowing eggs. Once you get them, you will be able to summon Charles for a final battle. Reaching these eggs is a herculean task as those are guarded by Charles’ men.

choo choo charles gameplay

These men wear masks and are allowed to kill anyone who gets closer to these eggs. You need to develop a strategy to get past these guards and steal those eggs in order to summon Charles. These eggs can hatch into more spiders, so you need to be very careful while handling them.

Before beginning any game, you might desire to know the total time it will take to finish it. Well, Choo-Choo Charles requires you to invest around three to five hours.

Choo-Choo Charles’ Ending Explained

We will now throw the spotlight on Choo-Choo Charles’s ending. So you reach the mines and start looking for the eggs. Since you managed to complete the Destruction Project successfully, you have got the key to the temple where Charles can be summoned.

This temple is located in the middle portion of the dreaded island. Now once you get to the temple, you will be confronted with some cultists. Fight them all to enter the temple. Now in the temple, you will be able to locate an altar. This altar is the place where you have to put all three eggs you collected after defeating Charles’s men.

choo choo charles ending explained

But the twist is here. The player will be about to insert the last egg into the altar, and there arrives another villain. It is Warren Charles III. Who’s this evil guy? Is he Charles himself? Well no! This man is the CEO of the mines and also handles all the evil cultists. It is Warren who is helping Charles with his ugly motives.

Basically, Warren desires to build a full army of demon spider trains so as to gain complete control over the island. All this information is revealed through the notes lying around the island. So Warren will not let you complete your task of inserting the final egg.

choo choo charles sequel

But Warren fails to stop the player from putting the final egg into the altar. Once the process finishes, the evil demon train finally shows up. Choo-Choo Charles, the evil monster, goes through a mutation as his body becomes bigger. His legs grow, his smile grows eviler, and there is a surge of energy around him.

The scene makes him look like a truly evil monster. He mutates into his most dangerous form-Hell, Charles. Charles ends up killing Warren and other cultists. The player then runs outside the temple toward the bridge. The player has to get him to the wooden bridge, which is full of explosives.

choo choo charles season 2

In the end, there’s a final battle between the player and Charles. The player manages to tire Charles and take him to the bridge. The explosives are detonated, and Charles is thrown down to the wooden stakes lying below. This is his final moment as he gets impaled to death due to the spikes. Credits roll out once he is dead.

Will Choo-Choo Charles Season 2 Be There?

Well, right now, there’s no confirmation for a sequel of Choo-Choo Charles. But the ending and the post-credit scenes surely open the door to the possibility of another season. We see that the whole mine has many glowing eggs. All these are offspring of Charles. Warren’s main mission was to create an army of evil spider trains.

So these eggs can hatch and wreak havoc on the island. So there can be Choo-Choo Charles Season 2. The game is getting appreciation for its gameplay and graphics.

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