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Banshees of Inisherin Ending Explained: Does Colm Really Ditch His Best Buddy?

The Banshees of Inisherin is one such movie that garnered extremely positive reviews. It was released on 21 October 2022 and opened to positive reviews. The movie stuns the viewers as it begins as a comedy movie based in 1923.

But it slowly turns out to be much more than that as friendships turn sour, betrayal hangs on, and ultimately grief takes over. A petty argument between two buddies becomes serious and sad.

It’s fascinating how much agony we suppress and manufacture imaginations, making ourselves our own victims. The movie forces you to ponder many serious questions. You will be laughing on many occasions, but some scenes will make you feel terrible.

banshees of inisherin streaming india

The Banshees of Inisherin Plot In Brief 

Colm abruptly decided to abandon his connection with Pádraic. This unexpected and shocking news stuns Pádraic. He keeps asking Colm what he’s done wrong, and Colm keeps ignoring him. Surely there’s anything he did, right?

Assuming there was no other reason, why would Colm stop wanting to hang out with him? Colm confuses Pádraic by announcing he no longer wants him. Eventually, the guilt does not lie to him.

He subsequently urges that Pádraic quit talking to him and begin a new journey without him. All those years together, pub visits, and beautiful memories were tossed into the trash by Colm. Well, it was quite cruel and heartbreaking.

When your best friend suddenly asks you to quit your friendship. One instant signifies a lot, the next nothing. To accept the fact that things can never be the same again. The pain is exacerbated when you discover you have done nothing wrong.

banshees of inisherin plot summary

Pádraic, in contrast to Colm, is not willing to give up on their relationship. He is optimistic that he can reach Colm and explain the situation to him. Pádraic seeks support from his sister Siobhán and realizes that Colm is resolute over severing ties with him since he considers him tedious and monotonous, while Colm believes himself a  budding musician.

Colm believes that they both should part ways now. Pádraic’s new drinking friend is Dominic, the policeman’s son. Dominic persuades him that it would be appropriate to confront Colm’s finger threat. , Pádraic is not in his senses as he is fully drunk.

He accuses Colm of becoming wicked. Colm replies that generosity isn’t remembered like a great musician’s song. The next day, when Pádraic seeks to confess, he receives a severed index finger. This is quite a stunning twist that shocks the viewers.

banshees of inisherin ending

Colm re-learns how to play the violin despite having lost fingers on one hand. Dominic tells Pádraic that Colm liked his drunken scene, so he behaves macho with Colm. Pádraic makes his way into Colm’s house to talk. Colm says the tune he’s been working on is done.

Colm’s song “The Banshees of Inisherin” is finished, and Pádraic congratulates him. Pádraic’s startling revelation that he deceived Colm’s musician friends, claiming to them that his father was dying, dramatically demolishes the pair’s renewed bond. Pádraic’s donkey Jenny chokes and expires after consuming Colm’s four remaining fingers.

Did Mrs. McCormack Make Correct Predictions?

banshees of inisherin characters

When initially described in The Banshees of Inisherin, Mrs. McCormack looks obnoxious. Eventually, she speaks more like the legendary characters, alerting Pádraic that the island would be seeing single or multiple two deaths this month.

The Banshees of Inisherin have no literal banshees, yet Mrs. McCormack’s premonition actually happens. Dominic passes away, and Mrs. McCormack is the one who discovers his corpse; nevertheless, Pádraic’s cherished pony, Jenny, might be regarded as the final death of her prophecy if animals are part of the number of deaths.

The Banshees Of Inisherin Ending Explained

Many people expected that one of the leads might die, but fortunately, none of them met a tragic fate. But this does not imply that the ending is all happy and glorious. Colm repeatedly asks his friend to leave him alone as he is quite upset and distressed at the moment. Colm gets quite frustrated and cuts the fingers of his left hand. It was quite painful to watch this scene.
banshees of inisherin release date

Another tragedy awaits as Padraic’s pet donkey ends up choking on one of Colm’s severed fingers. Padraic is heartbroken. The sad moments continue as Dominic ends his life by jumping into a lake. Dominic is rejected by Siobhan.

The rejection is too hard to deal with him, and hence Dominic sees no option but to commit suicide. Padriac is burning with rage and wants to take revenge on Colm for Jenny’s death. A vengeful Padriac initiates a fire to burn Colin’s house while he is still present inside.

Colm manages to flee the blaze, and he later conveys his regrets for the loss of Jenny. He expresses his sorrow at Jenny’s passing and swears that he and Pádraic should not forget the adorable past they shared.

 banshees of inisherin friendship

Pádraic is not ready to listen to Colm anymore. Pádraic has given up trying to achieve reconciliation but instead considers that a tactic of mutually assured devastation is the most appropriate course of action.

While he did look after Colm’s dog prior to burning down his home, their bond is currently in tatters and will not be mended at all. Martin McDonagh explores the various dynamics of friendship. Bonds do not remain eternal.

Time and circumstances hold the highest power and can turn the best buddies into enemies. Martin also explores how the death of a loved one can entirely change a person’s outlook. We all know that death is unavoidable, but still, we cannot accept it. If you desire to watch the movie, then you can stream it on Disney Hotstar.

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