What Location Is Used For “Below Deck Adventure”?

Below Deck Adventure

On September 7, 2022, Bravo announced the reality television series Below Deck Adventure, which debuted on November 1 of that same year. The program follows Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Below Deck Down Under, and Below Deck Mediterranean as the franchise’s previous spin-offs. However, the luxury vessel “Mercury,” which travels around Norway’s fjords, is where the entertainment is held both on and off the deck.

This program builds on the idea of the earlier ones by including off-ship activities that the yacht passengers and crew participate in, such as parasailing, biking, and rock climbing. The program was based out of the Norwegian town of Lesund and was taped there between July 25 and September 14, 2021.

What Location Is Used For “Below Deck Adventure”?

Below Deck Adventure took a different tack than earlier Below Deck episodes, which have been shot in warm locales like the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Despite Norway’s reputation for freezing and wet for much of the year, the actors chose to film the series there. So even though it is said that the cast filmed midway between July and September throughout the summer, the average temperature only gets to about 12 degrees Celsius, or 54 degrees Fahrenheit, on any given day.

According to reports, most of Below Deck Adventure’s first season was filmed in the county of Mre og Romsdal in Western Norway, which is renowned for having a “marine climate” all year. The town of Lesund was the location for the majority of the scenes. The actors of Season 1’s later episodes will visit Norwegian fjords, including Geirangerfjord. Furthermore, the cast and crew shot several sequences close to Norway’s Seven Sisters Waterfall.

Despite having Norway as the location for filming, none of the actors in Below Deck Adventure resides there. Like Captain Kerry, many sail on the boat for employment even though they live in the United States. The cast frequently shot on the Mercury, constructed in 2001, much like other Below Deck episodes.

Superyacht Mercury Docks In Alesund, Norway’s Brosundet Marina

The Below Deck Adventure team docks the superyacht Mercury at Alesund, Norway, a fishing village, and picks up charter clients from there. The town has mountains and fjords, which is well-known for its spectacular Art Nouveau buildings.

Alesund and the adjacent municipalities are located in More Romsdal county. The county is situated on Norway’s west coast, in the farthest north region. The Mount Aksla viewpoint is reachable by tourists by ascending 418 stairs. Climbers there are welcomed with a sweeping vista of the charming seaside village of Alesund.

Fjords, Valldal Caves, and the Norwegian Town of Sjoholt

The boat spent its first overnight at sea anchored off the shore of Sjoholt, a little community with about 1,000 residents. Captain Kerry and also the crew go through fjords during the season. Storfjorden, Norway’s fifth-largest fjord, is where the boat, in this instance, spent the night.

Fjords are glacial-carved, slender inlets bordered by cliffs. Fans will learn a lot about them during Below Deck Adventure because Norway’s terrain is full of them. Fjords rise to a plateau at the height of roughly 50 meters. Captain Kerry said, “We must anchor exactly there amid that plateau. Unfortunately, in the fjords’ deep water, anchoring is very difficult.

In Norway, the Below Deck Adventure Visits Akerneset and Trollstigen Road

In episode 4, the charter passengers, which included elderly divorced women, sailed to Norway’s Akerneset mountain. Unfortunately, the place was misspelled as “Ankernest” by the show’s producers. Major rockslides are common in the region; one such slide was captured on camera in the video below.

A little tourist hamlet called Geiranger lies next to the fjord. The group of thirsty older women eventually made their way to Trollstigen Road, also known as Troll Road, where they rode bikes down the challenging engineering marvel that zigzagged the mountain. Eleven sharp curves are located along a steeply inclining route.

Norwegian Locations: Geiranger & Flesjeberga

Heather Gay, one of the Real Housewives from Salt Lake City, and her pals were charter guests in episode six. Before continuing their boat voyage, they stopped in Flesjeberga, a picturesque place for hiking.

The following day, Captain Kerry and his crew escorted Heather and her companions to Geiranger, one of Norway’s most scenic regions with breathtaking cliffs, fjords, and waterfalls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Deckhand Nathan Morley guided the guests on ziplining at the brand-new nature park.

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