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Little Nightmares 2 Ending Explained: Why Did Six Betray Mono?

On February 11, 2021, the eagerly awaited follow-up to one of the scariest video games of the past few years was launched. Little Nightmares 2, the horror indie breakout hit from Tarsier Studios, has gotten favorable reviews.

It received a 7/10 rating from IGN and an 82 on Metacritic. The gothic style, eerie atmosphere, and terrifying themes of the show are well-known. In this brand-new tale, two young people struggle to stay alive in a hostile environment filled with mysteries, monsters, and peril.

Even though this game has no conversation, it handles complicated subjects. Thus, the finale can be a little puzzling. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the conclusion of the initial Little Nightmares could have been more straightforward.


The player’s ability to decipher the second game’s ending hinges primarily on their ability to pick up on random hints across each level and their familiarity with Six’s first game’s plot. The time has come to explore one of the top horror games of 2021 and discover what it all means.

Teases of Little Nightmares 2’s Introduction:

Little nightmare

The second installment of Little Nightmares begins with a slow pan down a long, disjointed hallway that ends near a door with an iconic depiction of an eye. Mono, your new protagonist, is launched from a television into a pitch-black forest.

Mono finds his way to a cabin in the perilous bush and meets Six, the main character from the last Little Nightmare. She is cautious about trusting this stranger who has just smashed off her door with an axe and is covering his head with a paper bag, but he saves her from imprisonment despite her natural skepticism.

However, Mono and Six form a tenuous alliance and cooperate to solve puzzles and navigate the difficult situation they find themselves in. After killing the hunter holding Six hostage, the teacher and students at the school find had changed into strange creatures with twisted faces.

Little nightmare

One of them is sketching pictures of a skyscraper and eyes. Six also finds her recognizable yellow jacket from the initial game in this location. The two children quickly realize that a signal emanating from a mysterious tower, that is, being beamed via televisions — just like the one Mono came out of — appears to be warping the residents of this planet.

Know About the Finale of Little Nightmare 2:

When they get to the city, Mono discovers another television, which takes him somewhere else. Mono eventually makes it to the eye-shaped door at the end of the corridor. By opening it, the Thin Man, a tower representative, is set free to abduct Six using his reality-bending abilities.

Little nightmare

After removing the sack from his head, Mono reveals that he possesses abilities akin to the Thin Man’s, which he utilizes to beat the villain. To save Six, who the tower has also distorted, he then returns to the tower.

The two try to flee the building, which turns out to be a vast flesh monster covered in eyeballs, much like the symbol from the door concealing the Thin Man, after he successfully restores her to normal.

After Six makes it through, a bridge begins to disintegrate, and Mono attempts to jump to safety but fails quite to make it to the ledge. Six takes hold of his hand and holds him for a short period before appearing to let him fall into the abyss. Then, as time goes on, players witness Mono inside the tower develop until he finally transforms into the Thin Man.

Little nightmare

Fans of the first game may recognize this secret ending, in which Six escapes through a TV with a new hunger by collecting all eighteen of the Glitching Remains (strange humanoid creatures created of static).

What does the ending of Little Nightmare’s two mean for Mono?

Mono’s role in the plot appears nearly absurd, considering how he develops inside the tower and ultimately transforms into the Thin Man. When Mono is launched from the television with the ability to traverse portals and alter reality, he frees the Thin Man from his captivity, kills him, and then Six throws him into the tower, causing Mono again to take on the role of the Thin Man.

Little nightmare

Ironically, Six may have initially dropped him because of the disclosure of his genuine identity. Although it’s hard to tell, one of the accounts on some applications put up the widely accepted theory that “Six glimpsed Mono’s face and recognized he will be the Thin Man.”

Remember that she had never seen him before without the paper bag covering his head. In this situation, she may have unintentionally created the Thin Man due to her dread of him. This implies that Mono might be the power source for the tower as well. He might be the tower’s battery to transmit its signal, bend the universe around it, and change reality.

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