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Weak Hero Chapter 225: Spoilers, Recap & Release Date

Weak Hero has managed to gain a good fan following. This Manhwa series deals with bullying in high school. These days high school teen dramas have become quite popular. The storyline is engaging and quite interesting. The high school is run by bullies who trouble the weak students. It all changes when Gray is admitted to the school.

He shows the bullies their real place on the first day itself when he brutally beats up one of the bullies who tried to attack him. The bullies have to find a way to handle him and others who are building resistance against them. Weak Hero Chapter 225 is all set to release very soon. Before revealing spoilers about the same, let us dig into the recap of what all happened in the previous episode.

Weak Hero raw scan

Weak Hero Chapter 224 Recap

Let us first talk about Weak Hero Chapter 224 Recap. So we saw how Dongha Baek heaves a sign of relief as he no longer has to tackle the opponents alone. Seongmok Do joins to assist him. Seongmok is no ordinary person. He has got the strength of a superhuman, and the opponents know this well; hence they are scared of him.

Dongha thinks that a single punch from Seongmok would be enough to tackle all the goons. He was earlier losing the battle, but now Seongmok Do would help him win this fight easily thanks to his superhuman strengths. But Dongha ends up making a mistake here. He gets overconfident. Though they are able to handle and defeat the Mokha duo easily, the major challenge arises when they are confronted with Wolf Keum.

Wolf is too smart and uses his strength as well as mental power to defeat his enemies. Wolf overpowers Dongha, and despite Dongha’s best efforts, Wolf is able to beat him badly. Seong and Dongha try their best, but Wolf is aware of the tactics to defeat them both.

Weak Hero chapter 224 summary

Hence Dongha is brutally beaten by Wolf. Seongmok is stunned, and Wolf makes fun of him and even taunts his strength. This infuriates Seongmok. While beating down Dongha Baek, he repeatedly hit Wolf in the face.

But Wolf wasn’t acting like a typical opponent, and Seongmok noticed this instantly, so he stopped striking him. Even his strongest blows were ineffective against this target. Seongmok is stunned as his most powerful attacks are rendered worthless in the face of this opponent.

Wolf isn’t injured by the blow and mocks him by saying that the punch was quite good. Seongmok comes across the harsh reality- when you are in a fight, then the thing which scares you most isn’t the attacks of the opponent, but it’s when your strongest punch has no effect on your opponent.

Wolf gears up and picks up a brutally beaten Dongha. He asks him in a condescending tone if he is okay. After this, we see Seongmok attacking Wolf again with punches, but they have no effect. Infact Wolf tells him that he should stop now as his punches were boring and useless. Wolf then proceeds to attack Seongmok, and both the Mokha duo lie on the ground, brutally beaten and defeated by Wolf Keum.

Weak Hero chapter 225 spoilers

Towards the end, we see Gerald Jim emerging and telling his boys to attack. That’s how Weak Hero Chapter 224 ended.

Weak Hero Chapter 225 Spoilers

Weak Hero Chapter 225 will be released tomorrow, and fans are quite excited about the same. The ending of Weak Hero Chapter 224 left fans confused and excited to know what would happen next. At the end of the previous episode, we see Gerald Jin appearing, and the next chapter reveals how he handles the goons.

There’s no denying that Jin is not on many cordial terms with Rowan and Gary, but still, he has a soft corner for Eugene. Let us see how Jin and others will be able to handle the goons. The goons know that Gerald is someone who has extraordinary strength and can’t be defeated easily.

Also, we would see what happens to the Mokha Duo. Wolf has defeated them and is brimming high with confidence. Will they manage to find the reason behind their blows, rendering them useless against Wolf? Will Gerald manage to beat the goons and help Rowan and Gary? All this will be revealed in Weak Hero Chapter 225.

Weak Hero Chapter 225 Release Date

The latest chapter of Weak Hero will release on 24 December 2022 (Saturday)

Where to read Weak Hero Chapter 225?

There are plenty of options available to read the latest chapter of Weak Hero, which releases tomorrow. You can read Weak Hero Chapter 225 on the Webtoon app or Kakao. You will be able to read it for free.

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