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Collide Movie Ending Explained-Did It End On A Happy Note?

Collide movie released on 5 August 2022. The movie opened to mixed reviews but got an appreciation for its engaging plot. The movie tracks the life of three couples who are not related to each other and get into a peculiar situation.

The story of three couples spending one disastrous night at a restaurant in Los Angeles. A busboy and his girlfriend are concealing heaps of cocaine to win a huge payout, while Hunter is on an uncomfortable blind date with the alluring Tamira, and Peter waits in his vehicle outside the restaurant, monitoring his wife’s adultery with the restaurant’s boss. Although they start off as strangers, their storylines intertwine as they speed toward a climactic showdown.

The characters in this movie gave voice to a wide range of feelings during its total length. Here, we’ll explore the final destinies of these six individuals.

Collide Movie Plot Explained

The film’s opening sequence glamorizes city living to an extreme. Six persons are present. Peter and Angie are at “The Collide” to see the blind date between Tamira and Hunter. Furthermore, there is a romantic relationship between Zoe and Lily.

Angie lies to Peter about her late arrival because she is having an affair with Mikey. Peter tracks her down to the restaurant, where he stumbles into her with Mikey. Angered by the news that Angie and Mikey are seeing one other, he decides to employ a private eye to keep tabs on them.

Peter gets a weapon and many tapes showcasing Angie’s and Mikey’s intense sexual chemistry. To help Mikey build a cafe with her, Angie offered him some of Peter’s money. Mikey drank alcohol and stole money from the restaurant.

collide movie summary

Zoe and Lily work at Collide. Zoe finds a large quantity of cocaine and calls a criminal, who sets up a time for her to trade it for cash. Lily is carrying Zoe’s child. Therefore the couple considered finding the cocaine a blessing from above.

Zoe hides cocaine in the refrigerator of a local eatery. The proprietor of the restaurant requests Mr. Smith’s assistance in investigating the disappearance of some wines.

While rummaging around the refrigerator for misplaced items, he stumbles upon Zoe. After discovering that he was the one who stole from her refrigerator, Zoe refused to let him go. Zoe steals the coke from the cold storage.

After serving his sentence, Travis pays him and Lily a visit. Lily is happy to see Travis, so she tells him about the drugs. Zoe turns down Travis’s offer to join the drug trade. When the thug arrives,  Zoe goes to retrieve the cash for the drugs. However, Travis’s crew broke up the fight.

Now, the last pair is the messiest in this tale. Hunter is on his way to see Tamira. Hunter wants to quit this blind date with Tamira since he is not very interested in her. Tamira reveals the time bomb under his chair that would explode if he left.

Hunter tries to comprehend this startling revelation as Tamira begins to discuss her upbringing. She makes the startling revelation that Hunter’s bigoted father murdered her parents.

When Hunter protested he was not like his father and had never murdered anybody, he soon admitted to all the claims, and Tamira showed him that she had lost her left foot in the explosion his father put off to kill her parents.

collide movie plot explained

Hunter starts to apologize profusely to Tamira once he finally recognizes his culpability. She recognizes the sincerity in his confession and assures him that the bomb will go off eventually, regardless of whether or not he sits down.

Therefore, he is free to travel and live his life in whatever he sees fit at this point in time. However, Hunter makes the decision to remain, and he is killed during the subsequent firefight. The explosive detonates as he falls off the chair.

Collide Movie Ending Explained

Have they moved on with their lives and found happiness? Let’s begin with the film’s oldest married pair first, shall we? The bomb’s detonation marked the beginning of a period in which no time could be reversed, regardless of the outcome. Tamira described a flower she called protea, and we see it at the conclusion of the film.

The flower succumbs to the blaze, but it is resurrected from the ashes afterward. That’s a clue to the transformation Tamira hoped to effect with the explosion. Forcing a shift in perspective was one of her goals. Our most reliable companions and lovers reveal themselves to us in times of catastrophe.

Bomb detonation serves as a pleasant finale for this movie. Some argue that disorder is necessary for progress and that it is the only way to improve our civilization.

The characters’ feelings were sometimes glossed over, though, and that detracted from the story. If Michael Dewil had used more subtle tactics to convey his tale, Mukunda thinks he would have written one of the finest thrillers of all time.

Collide Movie Has A BitterSweet Ending

The film’s conclusion was both tragic and uplifting. Peter and Angie’s story had a happy conclusion. Peter loses his temper and yells at Angie.

He explains to her that he thinks adultery is less work than love. He then tells her that he forgives her, and a short while later, the bomb goes off. The story concludes with Peter holding Angie in his arms as she apologizes.

Angie ultimately finds out the truth about Mikey’s motivations, which results in a happy ending for the two of them. She now knows that Mikey just wanted to make money off of her and that he was really embarrassed by her the whole time. Angie is able to comprehend Peter’s genuine affection for her.

Travis arrives at the restaurant with his men. A gunfight ensues, and poor Hunter is killed in this process. Luckily Zoe is not too badly injured, and Lily is able to locate Zoe. Lily throws the drugs, and both of them get out with the cash which is lying in the briefcase.

For them, it’s a happy ending as they have managed to dodge Travis and his men. They have the cash, and it should help them lead a happy life.

Tamira had made full plans to get rid of Hunter through a blind date set up. She had placed a bomb under his chair. But a heartfelt apology from Hunter changes her mind. She tells him to leave, but Hunter stays there. Hunter is killed accidentally in a gunfight, while Tamira is killed with the bomb she planted for Hunter.

On the whole, Collide was all about a wide range of feelings, including rage, loss, passion, and so on. In spite of the audience’s disappointment that the film fails to provide the suspenseful opening it promised, it will be lauded for successfully navigating a range of emotions.

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