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Out Of The Furnace Was Filmed Where? Learn More About The Film

out of the furnace

Exactly where was the 2013 suspenseful movie Out of The Furnace shot? Christian Bale has been in a diverse range of films after the climax of The Dark Knight Rises, the third and concluding installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, including Terrence Malick’s ethereal drama Knight of Cups and Ridley Scott’s biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings. Out of The Furnace, a thriller with a Pennsylvanian setting, was his first endeavor after finishing the Dark Knight trilogy.

Christian Bale was offered the part in the movie Out of the Furnace as Russell Baze, a steel mill worker who attempts to talk his younger brother Rodney (Casey Affleck) out of brawls.

Soon after entering the nasty drug dealer, Harlan’s orbit, played by Woody Harrelson, Rodney, and Russell, ought to indulge in the clash. The Low Dweller, a script for which Ridley Scott was slated to direct, and Leonardo DiCaprio might have played the lead role, was the film’s original working title.

The writer/director Scott Cooper joined the cast, including Zoe Saldana, Willem Dafoe, Sam Sheperd, and Forest Whitaker, when this didn’t happen.

Scott Cooper is a director who prefers to shoot on location as opposed to on a soundstage. The story’s setting, Braddock, Pennsylvania, was where a significant chunk of Out of the Furnace’s filming took place. Cooper wanted the movie to appear completely real, so he selected Braddock following read concerning it in the well-known newspaper.

In addition, Cooper chose the town because he had previously lived there, even though the steel industry’s demise in the 1980s had left it in ruins. Cooper wanted to give Pittsburgh the feel of movies like The Deer Hunter, set there, while still providing the city with its own identity.

Where Out of the Furnace Filmed?

out of the furnace

The Carrie Furnace, the scene of Russell and Harlan’s climactic chase, was one of the significant Out of the Furnace filming sites. The Baze house where the shooting occurred was at 1304 Kirkpatrick Avenue, whereas the police station is at 600 Anderson Street in Braddock.

Other sequences were filmed at TMK Ipsko Koppel Steel in Beaver Falls, while the penitentiary exterior was filmed at the former state prison in Moundsville, West Virginia.

Out of the Furnace mainly received positive reviews, particularly for its performances, but eventually failed to make back its investment at the box office.

Nevertheless, the film is underappreciated, and Bale and Cooper like working together because they reunited for the depressing 2017 Western Hostiles, primarily filmed in New Mexico. Cooper later referred to the making of that movie as the most challenging of his professional life.

Out of the Furnace Plot:


Russell Baze, a steel mill worker, runs into his brother Rodney at a horse race simulcast. Rodney admits that John Petty, who manages a pub and operates many illicit games, loaned him the money with which he gambled and lost.

Russell travels. Petty agrees to pay the remainder of Rodney’s debt after paying off part of it. Russell crashes into a car while drunkenly driving home, killing the people inside, and is sent to prison for vehicular manslaughter. Russell’s ill father passes away while incarcerated, and Lena breaks up with him to date police chief Wesley Barnes.

After completing his term, Russell goes back home and starts working again. Unfortunately, Rodney participates in an illegal bare-knuckle prize fight on the same day. He intended to take a “dive” to pay off some of the debt, but after getting beat up, he loses his cool and beats up his opponent.

Russell confronts Rodney about his bloodied knuckle tapes the following morning. Rodney, a four-tour Iraq War veteran, is too mentally traumatized for a conventional job despite Russell’s encouragement to work in the mill.

Rodney persuades Petty to arrange a more lucrative bout after growing weary of fighting for tiny sums of money to pay off his debt. Petty reluctantly organizes one with Harlan DeGroat, a psychopath from rural New Jersey who is a heroin dealer and to whom Petty owes money.

Russell wants his ex-girlfriend back, but she’s carrying Wesley’s child. She will make a wonderful mother, says Russell, who is upset. They split ways, understanding that reuniting would be impossible given her pregnancy.

out of the furnace

Rodney is instructed to lose once more aimlessly. Throughout the fight, Rodney nearly knocks out his adversary but follows instructions and dives. DeGroat requests the remaining amount of his loan after the battle, but Petty reminds him that they had already agreed that this fight had made them even.

On the way home, Petty and Rodney are ambushed by DeGroat and his men. DeGroat kills Petty and then has Rodney carried into the woods and slain, claiming he does not consider his duty settled. Unbeknownst to anyone, Petty’s cell phone had unintentionally connected to his bartender Dan’s voicemail and recorded DeGroat killing Petty while in the car seat.

Russell discovers a letter from Rodney that evening, in which he declares that this will be his final struggle and expresses his desire to collaborate with Russell at the mill. Russell learns about Rodney’s abduction from Wesley and sets off with his uncle Red to find him.

However, Russell and Red are stalled by a Bergen County deputy sheriff in DeGroat’s town. He warns them they will kill them if DeGroat’s men discover their whereabouts. Also, as a courtesy to Wesley, he will accompany Russell and Red to the state line rather than search and detain them for carrying concealed weapons against the law.

Wesley visits Russell when he returns to the mill and tells him that Rodney has passed away. Russell visits Petty’s office, obtains DeGroat’s phone number, and contacts him on the phone without identifying himself to persuade him to pick up Petty’s debt.

Russell meets DeGroat at the pub after sabotaging his van to keep him from fleeing. He follows DeGroat and shoots him twice. As Wesley drives up to the field in a squad car, Russell tells DeGroat that he is Rodney’s brother.

Russell shoots DeGroat in the back of the head while carefully aiming his hunting rifle despite Wesley’s cries for him to put down his weapon. The movie then turns to a thoughtful Russell at his dining room table, implying that Wesley had arranged to keep Russell out of jail.

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