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Where Was The Movie The Proposal Filmed? 

The Proposal
The Proposal (Courtesy Walt Disney Studios)

The Proposal is a romantic comedy movie released in the year 2009. The movie features Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in the lead roles of a light-hearted romantic comedy centered around Sandra’s character Margaret Tate. Peter Chiarelli wrote the script, and the movie was directed by Anne Fletcher.

With notable stars like Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in the lead roles, The Proposal is a well-known movie released to date in the romantic comedy genre. The genre of romantic comedy and a tad bit of drama as extra elements have always had a soft spot in the hearts of the viewers.

The Proposal Movie Plot

Margaret Tate, played by Sandra Bullock, is the central character of the movie. She is a Canadian-born working lady who is the executive editor in chief in a publication company in New York. She is a competitive woman and owing to her sour attitude, and she is disliked by her colleagues at work.

Margaret is taken aback when she is informed that the renewal of her visa got canceled and she might have to go back to Canada. This meant she would have to leave her hard-earned job in her company, and she didn’t want that to happen.

To avoid deportation, she devises a plan. She forces her assistant Andrew Paxton played by Ryan Reynolds, into marrying her, hoping to get permanent citizenship.

The Proposal

The Proposal (Courtesy Walt Disney Studios)

Andrew is abused by Margaret at work, and now she is forcing him to marry her for her benefit! She tries manipulating him by stating that all his hard work as her assistant will go in vain if she gets deported, and he’ll have to start from scratch, and he’ll never become an editor at this rate.

Andrew had joined the company with a dream of becoming an editor to publish his book, and when Margaret promised to help him after their marriage, he agreed to get married to her.

Andrew and Margaret then go to visit Andrew’s hometown, Sitka, Alaska. There he introduces Margaret to his family and friends and announces his engagement in front of his peers.

During her stay at Sitka, Margaret starts to feel overwhelmed by Andrew’s family as she has been living her life on her own since she was sixteen after her parent’s death. Both the characters open up eventually, and their plotted marriage plans start to turn into a somewhat honest bonding.

The Proposal

The Proposal (Courtesy Walt Disney Studios)

Andrew’s family wanted them to get married there, and arrangements were soon made for the same. Meanwhile, Gilbertson, an official from the Immigration office, also shows up in town. He had been suspecting the pair of faking their marriage to avoid Margaret’s deportation.

On the day of the wedding, Margaret couldn’t keep up with her selfish plan, and she confessed everything in front of the attending guests, which included Gilbertson too. After the event, Gilbertson gave her a day to leave for Canada.

As the perfect climax to a Romantic comedy, Andrew realizes that he has fallen for Margaret for real, and this makes him rush to her, and they both reconcile after a kiss. A generic romantic comedy was ending, but always satisfying indeed.

The Proposal Filming Locations

The Proposal

The Proposal (Courtesy Walt Disney Studios)

The script for the movie was finished in 2005. Then the cast and crew involved in the film were announced in 2007. The actual filming of the movie officially began in April 2008. The filming schedule for the whole movie got wrapped up within two months from the start.

Filming of the movie The Proposal was carried out in multiple locations across the United States. Major sequences of the movie were filmed in Rockport, Massachusetts. It was here itself where all the sequences of the Alaskan town were filmed. A part of the town was designed to create the Alaskan hometown of Andrew. Many buildings and business centers, including shops and stores, find their spot in the various sequences of the movie.

The Proposal

The Proposal (Courtesy Walt Disney Studios)

The grand wedding sequence was filmed in a large Victorian building in that area. The initial scenes of the movie were filmed in the Boston and lower Manhattan areas of New York.

Considering the genre of the movie, The Proposal has a decent 6.7 IMDb rating. Viewers cherish this romantic comedy from the late 2000s dearly as it has all the elements to make up a complete package of entertainment!

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