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The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly Chapter 1 Explained – Know Everything About Dorothea’s Backstory

The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly Chapter 1 Explained
The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly Chapter 1 Explained

South Korean manhwas have always been filled with unique, incredible, and inspiring storylines. The Tyrant wants to live honestly; the manhwa based on the novel will take you to the world of a princess who apparently becomes a Tyrant and gets executed.

However, her story does not end, and even after death, her life takes an unusual turn that gives her an opportunity to change her life. So how will she make use of this golden opportunity to change her fate?

Read till the end to know everything about the first episode of The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly.

Story of Dorothea Milenea – A Princess Of The Ubera Empire

The story of ‘The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly’ starts with the introduction of Dorothea Milenea, a princess daughter of Ubera Empire, daughter of Alice and Carnan Milenea, and the younger sister of Rey.

Dorothea Milenea lost her mother right after she was born. That’s why she is getting taken care of by her nanny and lives with her father and brother. However, her father does not treat her well and always discriminates between Dorothea and her brother.

The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly Dorothea

The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly – Dorothea reading the historical book of Ubera Empire.

Furthermore, Dorothea’s brother, Rey, who is always eager to spend time with her, constantly nags her when she is reading or doing something essential. It is revealed in the opening chapter that Rey tries to persuade her to go out with him to play while she is reading the history book about the Ubera Empire.

The fact that her brother is usually treated nicely makes Dorothea dislike him, and one day she kills him and takes the crown of the Ubera empire from him. However, she soon gets imprisoned and executed for the crimes that she committed.

After her death, when she opens her eyes, she finds herself as a newly born baby; soon, she discovers that she has received a second chance to live a life as a princess of Ubera Empire, Dorothea.


Story of Reymond Milenea – Crown Prince of Ubera Empire

Reymond Milenea, also known as Rey, is a naïve boy and crown prince of Ubera Empire. He is the loving son of prince Carnan. With his father, his connections are so well, not as same as Dorothea has connections with her father. Reymond spends most of his time with his father, but he loves his sister a lot.

Reymond Milenea and Dorothea Milenea from The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly

Reymond Milenea and Dorothea Milenea

So whenever he finds time, he never leaves a chance to meet Dorothea and convince her to play with him. However, Dorothea always gets irritated by his nagging behavior because she has long-term jealousy about his brother in her heart. As and when her anger about him brother starts to increase, she plans revenge for her discrimination and kills him, takes the crown, and leads the empire.

In the second life of Dorothea, she again meets Reymond, who acts the same as he did in her first life.

Dorothea’s Relations With Her Father – Carnan Milenea

‘The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly’ is created from the point of view of the protagonist of the Manhwa, Dorothea. She introduces the key members of her life in the first chapter. She starts by introducing herself, her brother, and then her father, the Emperor of Ubera Empire.

When she introduces her father, she says that the word father is like a foreign language to her that can be translated into some war. However, when she sees her father, she never understands the meaning of the word or even the feeling behind it.

Prince Carnan from The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly

Prince Carnan from The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly

Dorothea always craved her father’s love. She tries her best to show how intelligent she is than Rey, but Carnan always dislikes Dorothea because he thinks that he lost his wife because of her. As a result, he never treats his daughter well.

When Dorothea observes Crown Prince Reymond receiving love and compassion from Carnan, her jealousy for her brother grows, and she wishes she could torture him. As a result, Carnan confines her in a room for a month, one day. The conflicting circumstances between her father and her cause their relationship to become tenser.

Dorothea’s New Resolutions 

Dorothea, who kills her elder brother, gradually takes over the whole Ubera empire. She starts living with the people of her status, and sharing her wealth with them makes them as great as her. However, in the end, they broke her trust and made her a tyrant in the eyes of the people.

In her past life, Dorothea, because of her anger, jealousy, and greed, lived a life of humiliation and died as a tyrant. Therefore, in her new life, she decides not to make the same mistakes even if her father does not treat her with love and even if her brother provokes her to torture him.

Throughout the first chapter, Dorothea makes a resolution that she will not die as evil in the new life as she did in the last. She learns an important lesson about living a life, encouraging good, and punishing evil.

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