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Coco Movie Ending Explained- Did This 2017 Disney Movie End On A Tragic Note

Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures released the animated picture Coco in 2017. The film tells the tale of Miguel, a young Mexican kid who wants to be a musician but whose family forbids it. Miguel meets his forefathers and learns the truth about his family’s history when he mistakenly enters the Land of the Dead. He learns the worth of following his heart and the significance of honoring tradition.

Coco was well-received by critics and audiences alike, and it was also a commercial triumph at the box office. The film took home several honors, including the Academy Awards for Outstanding Animated Feature and Best Original Song.

coco movie characters

Coco Movie Plot Synopsis

The theme of the movie Coco is the importance of family, tradition, and cultural heritage. Coco, a film produced by Pixar, follows the story of a little boy named Miguel who lives in Mexico. Despite the fact that Miguel’s great-great-grandfather and his musical ancestor, Ernesto de la Cruz, had a disagreement, Miguel’s family maintains a longstanding ban against music.

Miguel is ready to show the world his talent and build a reputation for himself like his idol, de la Cruz, but he is prohibited from doing so. Despite this, Miguel is determined to do it anyhow. Miguel is sent to the afterlife when he inadvertently visits the Land of the Dead during the Mexican holiday known as the Day of the Dead.

Miguel discovers the truth about his great-great-grandfather and de la Cruz from his ancestors who have died away when he is traveling through the afterlife with his deceased relatives. In addition to this, he finds out that in order to access the Land of the Living and see his ancestors who have passed away, he must have a picture of a living relative with him at all times.

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Miguel feels that de la Cruz is the only person who can lead him back to the realm of the living, so he sets out to find him. During his travels, Miguel runs with a few spirits that are beneficial to him, as well as a character named Hector, who is a trickster.

Miguel ultimately succeeds in locating de la Cruz, only to be disheartened by the revelation that the musician is not the savior he had always envisioned him to be. This realization comes after Miguel has through a number of tests and challenges. In order to provide an explanation for the family animosity, De la Cruz reveals that he took songs that belonged to his great-great-grandfather and falsely claimed credit for writing them.

Miguel is inconsolable, but he is aware that music is the vehicle that would enable him to recover and bring his family back together. Because his ancestors and Hector interceded on his behalf, he was finally able to patch things up with his family and give a performance at a celebration celebrating the Day of the Dead.

In the end, Miguel is able to make up with his family and receives their blessing to return to the land of the living and restart his profession as a musician.

Coco Movie Ending Explained

It is revealed towards the film’s conclusion that Miguel’s great-great-grandmother Coco had indeed died away in the real world. However, Miguel is able to aid Coco’s late husband Hector’s spirit cross over to the other side by singing “Remember Me” in the Land of the Dead.

Hector’s passing enables him to bestow his blessing on Miguel, allowing him to rejoin the living. Miguel arrives to discover that Coco has emerged from her coma and is able to speak to him via the music he has been playing for her.

To rekindle his relationship with Coco and appreciate the value of family and history, Miguel acknowledges that his appreciation for music and his ancestors’ stories were crucial. He gives in to his passion for music and commits himself to use it to honor his family’s history.

coco movie summary

What Happens To Hector In The End?

Hector receives assistance from Miguel, his great-great-grandson, in order to complete his journey back to the Land of the Living. He is at last able to realize his ambition of being a well-known musician, and he is able to celebrate this success by spending time with his family and playing music for them. Hector is granted the ability to pass on to the afterlife, where he is reunited with the woman and child he cherished the most in his life.

Is Coco Movie Ending Tragic?

A terrible conclusion is not what you get at the end of the film Coco. It’s a satisfying ending that leaves you feeling good about the world. Miguel, the protagonist, is able to make peace with his family history and discover his real calling. He comes to understand the significance of his background and the traditions of his family. He overcomes several obstacles throughout the film, but in the end, he is successful and content.

After making peace with his family and acknowledging the customs of his forefathers, Miguel is able to rejoin the living. Playing his music and telling his narrative to the living also aids with his great-great-grandfather Hector’s final transition to the Land of the Dead. This ensures that Hector’s legacy will go on and that his soul may finally rest. Miguel can also keep performing songs he loves and paying tribute to his family’s history.

coco movie ending explained

Shall I Watch Coco Movie?

One’s own tastes will determine the answer. Coco is a film that could appeal to you if you like animated films and/or are interested in Mexican culture. But if none of them interests you, it may not be the greatest option.

Before investing in a movie, it’s smart to check out some reviews or previews beforehand. There is no doubt in the fact that Coco is an endearing and inspiring film that praises the transformative potential of sound and the bonds that span generations. The movie Coco is enjoyable and should not be missed. The film has been praised for its stunning animation, touching tale, and accurate portrayal of other cultures.

The film’s finest aspect is the heartfelt message it sends about the value of family, customs, and the pursuit of one’s aspirations. The voice performers are really varied and excellent, and the animation is stunning. The soundtrack is particularly noteworthy, including a number of catchy tunes that serve important story functions.

Where To Watch Coco Movie?

Coco is available to stream on a number of services, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. Google Play, YouTube, and Apple TV are just some of the places you can rent or buy them. It’s also possible to watch it on a premium cable or satellite channel.

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