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Kingdom Hearts 3: Plot And The Secret Ending Explained

The Kingdom Hearts 3 finale is there to round up this last episode of the Dark Seeker Saga, and it’s guaranteed to deliver a moving finish – especially for all those players who have devoted several hundred hours to the game, which includes well over ten spin-off games!

Obviously, it does not really completely resolve all of the issues raised along the road, nor should we have expected it to. It nevertheless offers sufficient closure to appease die-hard fans stuck with it through thick and thin.

We’ve seemed to have some time to assemble our views on the Kingdom Hearts 3 conclusion and develop some cogent speculations about what happened to the protagonists and the saga as a whole after that shocking conclusion. Follow along as we provide our expertise and speculative analysis to bring everyone the skinny on Kingdom Hearts 3’s ending.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Synopsis

The world was split apart by an epic conflict between light and darkness. Now, a wicked magician named Xehanort wants to revive that famous conflict, known as the Keyblade War, to construct the X-blade and get control of the Kingdom Hearts’ might.

When Xehanort and his Twelve associates can acquire the might and information inside Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, and their accomplices unite as the Knights of Light and defeat them. However, they must recruit fresh comrades and save Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, three former Keyblade trainees.

kingdom hearts 3 ending explained

Many games with no numerals are associated with them but are nonetheless crucial to the main plot. They are referred to as sequels since they diverge from the main story of Sora’s adventure as it is presented in the main games. However, a lot of such titles have an impact on what happens in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3: The Boss Fight

To start the Keyblade war, Xehanort and his 13 warships will be waiting for Sora and the group in the Keyblade Graveyard. Now that Sora has saved Aqua and Ventus, seven Keyblade-wielding swords will be prepared to face the 13 vessels of evil.

Sora is up versus a slew of enemies. It’s crucial to remember that, despite seeing everyone perish, the game emphasizes the importance of telling players that Xigbar, a member among the combatants in the boss fight, manages to flee.

kingdom hearts 3 ending explained

The three primary antagonists of the whole franchise – Young Xehanort, Ansem, and Xemnas, are then overpowered by Sora after he saves Roxas, Xion, and Terra. Sora kills Kairi in the presence of Master Xehanort as he makes his way to the decisive battle.

Then, after creating the x-blade, Xehanort unlocks Kingdom Hearts and casts a shadow over it. You defeat Xehanort in a succession of boss fights, yet he still prevails. Evil has engulfed Kingdom Hearts. That is before Eraqus, a teacher to Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, who has remained hidden in Terra’s heart during Conquest By Sleep, shows up. Eraqus is indeed an old buddy of Xehanort.

Eraqus brings up memories for Xehanort of their youthful games of chess, in particular, one where Eraqus was losing but still informed Xehanort. They engaged in a match of chess as kids that, in essence, serves as the foundation for the overall story of the whole Kingdom Hearts saga, to which Eraqus is alluding.

kingdom hearts 3 ending explained

In sequences first from the beginning to the conclusion of Kingdom Hearts 3, references are made to this game. This is Eraqus’ true victory inside the chess game, the last play inside the current game they are having, and indirectly, the last play in the whole video game saga as we understand it. 

Xehanort completely relents, acknowledges the might of the light, and gives Sora and his allies the x-blade. Eventually, just at Keyblade Graveyard, Sora bravely decides to pursue Kairi, the major victim of the conflict, by himself. Eraqus’ death is again mourned by Aqua, Ventus, and Terra in the Realm of Departure, as they received training from him.

The spirit who communicated with Sora in the underworld, Ventus, observes his Chirithy. This is intriguing since it proves that the Ventus in question is the identical Ventus out of that timeframe, indicating that he has engaged in a sort of time travel hokum.

kingdom hearts 3 ending explained

Riku meets with Namine after visiting Radiant Garden. Namine was one whom the scientists reawakened by using one of the spare vessels. Then, moving towards another video ending where all the main cast members are seen on the beach of Destiny Islands.

Sora and Kairi are next seen seated on a limb of the well-known Paopu tree. Kairi abruptly sheds tears as Sora’s shape begins to disintegrate, and he vanishes into oblivion. Sora has left, but Kairi has returned.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Epilogue

After that shocking revelation, we go to the epilogue, where a cloaked character accepts No Name. This Keyblade belonged to the deceased Xehanort, shortly following the happenings of Kingdom Hearts 3. Four Foretellers from the pre-Keyblade War era emerge ahead of the character as soon as the character accepts it.

The cloaked person is eventually identified as Luxu, the sixth Foreteller, who’d been selected by his collective lord, the Master of Masters, to embark on a covert expedition and use the Keyblade No Name, which is passed between mentor to the student so that he might glimpse the destiny, to know what would happen. He was also given a Black Box, the inside of which we currently don’t know.

kingdom hearts 3 ending explained

The cloaked Luxu then exposes to be Xigbar, whom we believed died at the Skein of Severance, following further arguing. Luxu is said to have assumed a variety of identities throughout time.

However, his primary incarnation has been Xigbar, a dual undercover agent for his lord who has been waiting in the shadows amongst Xehanort’s followers in order to seize control of the ringleader’s Keyblade and carry forth the task. The broader purpose the Master of Master’s had towards Luxu appears to be poised to be disclosed at this moment. Sadly, Xigbar isn’t saying anything about it.

kingdom hearts 3 ending explained

Then, we go back to Little Eraqus and Xehanort, who are yet again engaged in a game of chess. Following the final chess match concluded in Xehanort’s loss, Eraqus sets up a fresh match. The 13 are replaced by seven shards of darkness, each representing one of the Master of Masters, the four Foretellers as from the epilogue, the unknown Foreteller Ava, as well as Xigbar.

Even as the finale concludes, Eraqus lays forth only one more bit of light that looks emblematic of our lost hero Sora. However, the following Kingdom Hearts story may simply as well have a different hero. The structure of this chess serves as the foundation for the following Kingdom Hearts title.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Secret Ending

In the clip, Sora awakens in a pool after deep sleep. We are given a tour of Shibuya, Japan. In the Shibuya of Square Enix’s The World Ends With You, a classic JRPG whose protagonists have originally occurred rather significantly in Kingdom Hearts with the 3DS game Dream Drop Distance.

The renowned 109 skyscrapers have been modified to display 104. It reminds us of Nomura’s original design for such a game until it was combined to become Final Fantasy XV which everyone recognizes today.

kingdom hearts 3 ending explained

Verum Rex’s main characters, including characters resembling Noctis and his friends, show this. The Hidden Video music also has a hint of Somnus at the conclusion. The last scene takes us to a rooftop in Tokyo where the Luxu’s Master is seen hand gesturing over the moon, making a box and then a Heart.

Given that Luxu was shown to be Xigbar in the Luxu as Xigbar revelation, it is reasonable to assume that this represents the Master of Masters. They bring in the darkness of chess would therefore make sense.

Because they were subject to the will of the Master of Masters, a criminal figure about whom we currently know nothing, the Foretellers have consistently been misdirected and of dubious morals. Our best bet is that this could be the next Kingdom Hearts story, featuring the Foretellers as antagonists and Sora in the driver’s seat, that Eraqus and Xehanort are conducting.

kingdom hearts 3 ending explained

The upcoming video game appears to transport everyone to Square Enix realms instead of Disney worlds, or maybe a hybrid of all of the above. That left us with the fact that Sora appears to be absent in the Shibuya of The World Ends With You from 2007. Given that Kairi looks to be living in the final scene, it’s possible that Sora had to give his life in order to preserve her, which is what sent them to this unknown realm.

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