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Margaux (2022) Movie Ending Explained And Where To Watch

Marguax movie poster source, Amazon
Marguax movie poster source, Amazon

Margaux is a horror movie released on September 9, 2022. It is directed by Steven C. Miller and Written by Christopher Goehring, Brad Krevoy, and Mick Mackay. The premise of the story happens among college friends.

A group of seniors celebrating their final college days with a carefree weekend turns into a nightmare as unexpected things start to happen to them. The show has a run time of about one hour and forty-five minutes, and during this span of time, the story covers the event that happens in a smart house when the AI that runs the smart home goes wild.

The title of the movie Margaux is the name of this AI program that destroys the life of these carefree Uni friends. The cast of the movie includes Madison Pettis, who plays the role of Hannah, Venessa Morgan as Lexi, Jedidah Goodacre as Drew, Phoebe Miu as Kayla, Jordan Buhat as Devon, and Richard Harmon as Clay. 

What is the story of Margaux?

A Still from the movie Margaux(2022) Credit: Amazon

A Still from the movie Margaux(2022) Credit: Amazon

Margaux is a sophisticated AI program installed in smart homes. A group of high school friends who were doing their final years in college decided to catch up. They felt like their friendship grew apart as they went to college, and it was this decision that prompted them to get together.  

They are a bunch of tech nerds and influencers. Hence they decided to get a smart home. But this weekend escape turns into a nightmare when the AI programs get back at them by understanding their browsing habits and social media usage.

This film belongs to the techno horror genre, where technology is the villain, unlike a traditional ghost. This aspect makes it even scary because it could happen to any of us. In this movie, The AI program Margaux makes use of its sophisticated program to analyze its guests’ social media behavior and then uses this knowledge to provide a nice stay.  

Or this was the intention behind making such a program, but Margaux has access to literally everything they do online, hence making them vulnerable to the attack. This pattern of killing its prey based on their online activity is what makes this software so scary. 

One of the couples in the movie is killed in their bedroom, while the stoner guy is dead due to an overdose. The software knows every detail of the inhabitants hence making it easy to kill. All the deaths in the movie are cold and calculated.

We expose so much of ourselves in social media that it is really easy to understand our habits and routines. This movie also serves as a caution against the excessive use of technology and the risk we are putting ourselves at by revealing all of our information to such software.

Margaux’s Movie Ending Explained

Marguax movie poster

Margaux movie poster source, Amazon

Margaux, released in 2022, is a technological horror movie. While all the other characters in this movie use social media, Hannah is the only one who doesn’t. That makes it hard for the software to understand her. This fact makes it difficult to kill her.

Hannah was the only wise person on the team trying to stay away from social media. While the rest of the cast gets killed off, she survives only and only because of her decision to stay away from social media. But as the movie ends, technology again proves to be one step ahead of mankind. 

As the movie ends, we can see even Hannah is infected with this malicious software. The software gets to her through Bluetooth. Toward the end of the movie, we can see her car and phone finally infected with this software. The film has an open ending, possibly hinting at a sequel where we get to find out how Hannah deals with this new development in the plot. 

Where to Watch Margaux?

Margaux’s movie was released on September 9, 2022. It is available for streaming on platforms like VUDU, Amazon Prime, Showtime, and Apple TV. All these platforms are subscription-based, and hence you need to have a prior subscription to these streaming sites in order to have access to the movie. 

This is the perfect movie to watch this winter. It is not extremely scary, but it does not fall flat as well. It has the right amount of cheesiness and cliches that make it watchable. 

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