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Locations Where The 1993 Film “Dennis the Menace” Was Shot

Dennis the menace

The renowned 1993 movie Dennis the Menace was filmed in the following significant Dennis the Menace shooting sites. Dennis the Menace is among the most enduring kids’ movies from the 1990s. The 1993 movie, released in June, still has a cult following. The family comedy Dennis the Menace was a joint effort between director Nick Castle, writer John Hughes, and producer Nick Castle.

The well-known Hank Ketcham comic strip’s popularity peaked in the late 1980s inspired the movie. Here are all the key locations where the 1993 film Dennis the Menace was filmed.

dennis the menace

Places Where Dennis the Menace Was Filmed

The finished version of Dennis the Menace took advantage of numerous filming sites. The railroad bridge in the opening scenes was in Elgin, Illinois, close to the intersection of Irving Park Road and Rohrssen Road. Mr. Wilson’s House, a significant filming site, is a genuine residence located at 1618 Ashland Avenue in Evanston.

The Mitchell House, located at 1624 Ashland Avenue in Evanston, was another important place. The driveway’s bushes, meanwhile, were created especially for the film. Although it was never shown in the movie, Margaret’s House is mainly situated at 1246 Gregory Avenue in Wilmette.

Another significant location is Dennis the Menace’s treehouse. The treehouse was built in the Miami Woods, 8199 N. Caldwell Avenue, Niles. In addition, the movie shows the Garden Club at 134 S. Park Avenue in Hinsdale. The Burns Field Park, located in Hinsdale at the northwest corner of W. Hickory Street and N. Vine Street, is Dennis’ favorite park in the film.

Dennis the menace

The Travelodge used to be at 3003 Manheim Road in Rosemont but demolished the structure a few years ago. S. Washington Street and E. 1st Street in Hinsdale is the street used in Dennis the Menace. Last but not least, Lincolnwood Elementary School, 2600 Colfax Avenue, Evanston, served as the setting for the movie.

Mason Gamble played the title role in Dennis the Menace. Walter Matthau, Joan Plowright, Christopher Lloyd, Robert Stanton, and Lea Thompson are some of the movie’s other leading ladies. In a competition against 20,000 other kids, Mason Gamble was chosen to play Dennis the Menace.

Dennis the Menace: Plot

Deenis the Menace

Dennis Mitchell, who is five years old, frequently causes trouble, especially for his retired next-door neighbor George Wilson. Dennis, who George is trying to avoid, thinks George is sick and uses a slingshot to lob an aspirin into his mouth. Henry and Alice, Dennis’ parents, try to reprimand him while they prepare for work and abandon him with Joey McDonald at the house of Margaret Wade, a classmate they don’t like.

Switchblade Sam, an itinerant criminal, arrives in town as the three kids finish repairing a derelict treehouse in the woods.

Dennis accidentally sprays a glob of paint over George’s grill while vacuuming up spilled paint in the garage; after tasting it, George becomes suspicious of Dennis. The Mitchells leave Dennis in the care of Polly, a young girl who later invites her boyfriend, Mickey, over. Dennis tricks them by ringing the doorbell while skulking outside and concealing until Mickey affixes a thumbtack on it.

Dennis the Menace

George accidentally wounds himself in the gonads with a golf ball while looking into the hoover in the Mitchells’ garage. He prickles his thumb on the tack in an attempt to challenge the Mitchells, and believing him to be the jokester, Polly and Mickey drench him in water and flour. Chief Bennett finally catches switchblade Sam after committing a series of crimes across the city.

Just before having his photo taken for the local newspaper, Dennis toys with his dentures, loses the two front teeth, and replaces them with Chiclets while bringing the sleeping George an apologetic card. Next, Alice and Henry go on separate business vacations but need help locating someone to watch Dennis while they are gone. Finally, Martha, George’s wife, decides to let herself stay with them and is eager to love him like the child they were never able to have.

Dennis has changed his nasal spray with mouthwash 

Dennis the Menace

and the latter with toilet cleaner, which enrages George when he slips in the bath water Dennis spilled. When Dennis allowed his dog, Ruff, inside the Wilsons’ home, George thought Martha was present in the dim living room. Dennis’ negligence in the attic causes George to trip on mothballs and almost get crushed by a boat that holds the garden lamps he’s seeking.

George has now chosen to host the “Summer Floraganza” of his garden club because he has spent almost 40 years cultivating a rare orchid that would ultimately blossom that evening. Unfortunately, to duplicate his ding-dong ditch prank, Dennis presses the garage door button during the celebration, opening it and toppling the entire dessert table. Dennis is then reprimanded and sent to his room.

Switchblade Sam robs the home, taking George’s collection of old coins, as the Wilsons and their visitors watch the flower’s nightly spectacle. Dennis, who overheard the thief and later found the empty safe, tells George about it, which stops the flower’s brief bloom and causes it to wither. Dennis runs to the woods in despair and is apprehended by Switchblade Sam when George, enraged and unknowing that he robbed, scolds him.

He has vanished when Henry and Alice get home, sparking a townwide hunt. Even a guilty George goes out to find him after understanding that he spoke the truth concerning the heist.

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