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Why Severus Snape Is Known As The Half-Blood Prince? – Here Is The Reason Why

Severus Snape

The fan loved the Harry Potter franchise since its release, and it never failed to entice fans with lots of fiction, thrill, and drama, with many appealing characters. The characters that are rooted deep in fans” hearts are never forgettable, and generation after generation, Harry Potter, will always remain a legendary franchise and Novel series by J.K Rowling.

Although the Harry Potter film franchise revolves around Harry Potter’s life and his journey of becoming a wizard to fight against the evil forces, which also includes Voldemort, each character, including his classmates and teachers, has a unique backstory.

Films did not mention everything about everyone’s life stories because of time constraints, but you can find all the information in novels, and that is why Snape, a cold and emotionless teacher who hated Harry Potter but still had a soft corner for Harry, always called himself a Half-Blood Prince.

Movie fans could not understand the meaning behind this unique moniker, and some even considered that Snape used to call himself a Half-Blood Prince because it looked cool, no pun intended!

However, there is a backstory and significant meaning to the moniker that Snape used for himself, and it is in relation to his parents, Eileen Prince and Tobias Snape.

So, before we discover the reason behind the moniker Half-Blood Prince, let us get to know the history of Snape’s mother and father.

Who is Severus Snape’s Mother – Eileen Prince?

Eileen Prince, the mother of Severus Prince, also studied at Hogwarts with her husband, Tobias Snape. Eileen was a British witch who came from an eminent Prince family. In the Harry Potter novels and books, Hermione Granger reveals that Eileen got married to Tobias Snape, who is Severus Snape’s Father.

Prince’s family’s bloodline is considered to be a pure-blood line, which makes her the greatest wizard. Also, Eileen is the only one from her family who got married to a muggle.

Young Severus Snape

Young Severus Snape

As Eileen belonged to a Prince family that has a huge reputation in Great Britain for having a pure bloodline, her marrying a muggle was certainly not acceptable in the wizarding society, and the same led Severus Snape to suffer in the future.

Who is Severus Snape’s Father – Tobias Snape?

Tobias Snape is also known as the Muggle Tobias Snape throughout the Harry Potter franchise. The Muggle is the one who lacks magic. These are the people who are born with no magic and are incapable of performing and practicing it. In Harry Potter, such people get bullied by people of pure bloodline.

Muggles suffer from major discrimination as well. Tobias Snape, a muggle, may have also suffered a lot because of his muggle nature during childhood, and that made him rude and ruthless. It is also known that Tobias used to abuse his wife and his son a lot, and the only thing that he ever wanted to achieve was the power of magic.

Tobias was the reason why Severus Snape had a terrible childhood because Severus had always seen his parents fighting and his mother getting abused.

Severus Snape: The Half-Blood Prince Moniker – Backstory

The entire Harry Potter story has great significance for Severus Snape. He is well recognized for his roles as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s headmaster and potion master. Snape, popularly known as the death eater, was the son of the witch Eileen Prince and Muggle Tobias Snape.

Severus Snape was born on 9 January 1960 in Great Britain. He grew older and subsequently joined Hogwarts as his parents were alumni of the school. Since childhood, Severus Snape was subject to severe abuse that his bullying father used to do on him and his mother.

The reason is still unknown why the pure-blooded witch, Severus Snape’s mother, married a muggle Tobias Snape’s’ father, but because of their marriage, Snape’s’ childhood was almost ruined.

Young Severus Snape with Harry Potter's Mother Lily

Young Severus Snape with Harry Potter’s Mother Lily

Severus Snape was ridiculed by both his father and his fellow students at Hogwarts because of his odd behavior and appearance. He always had the appearance of a vulnerable, poor child who frequently experienced parental neglect. Speaking of his odd behavior, he had both Muggle and magical characteristics due to the fact that he was the offspring of a pure-blooded witch and a muggle.

Severus Snape’s’ blood was never pure, but it had some muggle impurity in it, and that is the reason why he called himself a half-blooded prince. Additionally, he used his mother’s maiden name ”Prince” along with half-blooded, which was completed as Half–Blood Prince.

Even though Severus Snape was half-blooded and was abused majorly during his childhood, he never let anything affect his magic and wizard studies, and with his talent and intelligence, he played a significant role throughout the Harry Potter story, especially during the Wizarding Wars against Voldemort.

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