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Longmire Filming Location That Inspired The Netflix Series

Longmire Filming Location

If you adore the TV show, you might be wondering where the episode “Longmire” was filmed. You’ve come to the proper location if that’s so. We provide important information about the locations where the adored western series was filmed in the paragraphs that follow.

The popular TV show Longmire featured Western-themed action and adventure as its backdrop. The popular crime drama series is currently one of the most-watched crime shows on Netflix. It has achieved significant appeal among the general public.

The series was filmed at a variety of well-known places over the course of six seasons, despite having a Western theme at its core. The primary filming sites for Longmire are listed here, including a selection of other television programs and movies that have also used those places.

Longmire Filming Location


Though Absaroka County in the popular series Longmire has a wide-open, wild west air to it, Wyoming’s Cowboy State is anything but a made-up place. Plan your own trip to the actual site that served as the idea for author Craig Johnson’s fictional county after learning where he found his inspiration.

Longmire Filming Location

Robert Taylor, an Australian actor, plays Walt Longmire, the capable and devoted sheriff of the fictitious Absaroka County in northern Wyoming, in the modern Western Longmire, which is based on a collection of finest books by Craig Johnson.

From 2012 through 2017, the show aired on A&E and Netflix, switching after season 3. It chronicles the exploits of Walt and his team, notably Vic Moretti, as they look into crimes under Longmire’s jurisdiction while incorporating a lot of family and personal turmoil to strengthen the plot.

Longmire was filmed in New Mexico, in the United States, for a significant amount of the episode. The state serves as the principal location for Longmire filming, and there are several locations there that emphasize the Western concept of the program.

Filmmakers looking to capture the trendy “Cowboy” aesthetic are said to favor New Mexico as one of their favored locations. To date, New Mexico has been host to a number of successful TV shows and motion pictures. Popular examples include Cowboys & Aliens, Better Call Saul, Sicario, We’re The Millers, Breaking Bad, and many others.

Another significant Longmire filming location is Las Vegas. Since a sizable number of visitors travel to Las Vegas from around the world, it is regarded as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the nation. Las Vegas has served as the backdrop for numerous movies, and TV shows, much like New Mexico has.

Longmire Filming Location

Longmire Filming Location

After traveling the nation and “gathering adventures,” as the author Craig Johnson described it, it seemed like a natural decision to settle in Ucross, Wyoming, which is located halfway between Sheridan and Buffalo. In his twenties, Johnson had made his first trip to Ucross, Montana, from where he was living at the time, in order to bring horses.

As Johnson waited a few days to meet the man to whom he was bringing the horses, he fell in love with northern Wyoming. The Milky Way’s thick section can be seen all through the entire sky, while the Bighorn Mountains are clearly visible on the horizon.

Longmire Plot Details

The sheriff of the made-up Absaroka County is Walt Longmire. Cheyenne Henry Standing Bear, a lifelong acquaintance of Sheriff Longmire, offers perspective and occasionally helps in negotiating with tribal police. Within the confines of the Indian reserve, with the exception of capital offenses, a separate police force is in place.

The companions cope with problems betting at a casino on the territory, problems with competing judicial authority for defending the public and pursuing criminals, and other problems related to modern Native American life as the series unfolds.

Longmire Filming Location

Longmire Plot Details

Johnson seems to run out of reasons not to write a book because he comes from a line of narrators. Then that is what he did. Walt Longmire, the sheriff of a tiny town, appears in 16 novels in his well-known Longmire series. Longmire seasons 1-6 is another popular drama that is currently streamed live on Netflix.

Speaking about Walt’s universe, Absaroka County #24 serves as the setting for the tv show and books. Wyoming only has 23 counties, which is how the town of Buffalo in Johnson County, Wyoming, is shown in the television series. On a multi-day tour known as the “Longmire Loop,” Johnson has listed a few of his favorite local places.

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