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The 2022 Christmas Movie Spirited Is rated PG-13: Know Reason Here

Why Spirited is rated PG-13
The Christmas Movie - Spirited

Christmas movies are often made for children. Whenever the season of Christmas arrives, Kids are the ones who are considered the main audience who are going to generate revenue for the movie.

This year also, many movies like Falling For Christmas, A Christmas Story Christmas, Well Suited For Christmas, and This is Christmas have been released to make this Christmas cheerful for adults and children too.

Spirited is the movie that features everyone’s favorite fantasy actor Ryan Reynolds and was first looked forward to watching by many parents with their kids until it was rated under the PG-13 category.

So what exactly is shown in the movie that made it get categorized under PG – 13? To learn more about PG- 13 and the guidelines you should follow when watching Spirited with children, continue reading.

What is the PG-13 Rating?

Whenever a new movie is released in the theatre, it gets categorized according to the content of the movie. Authorities thoroughly identify every aspect of the movie and then put it into some categories to caution viewers about who can watch the content and who cannot.

PG - 13 Movie Rating - Spirited 2022

PG – 13 Movie Rating – Spirited 2022

Ratings and categories depend upon the language, scenes, outfits, and mental impacts that the film will create on one’s mind after watching it. Viewers can watch if they fit into the category.

For example, there are some movies that are R- rated, which means people below 17 age may find it inappropriate to watch some scenes in the picture because scenes may contain sexual scenes or harsh language.

In this way, PG -13 rating is made to caution the parents of children who are less than 13 years. The film may contain foul language and scenes that children below the age of 13 should not see.

Fantasy & Comedy Christmas movie “Spirited” rated PG-13: Here is the reason why

This year, in 2022, many good Christmas movies were released, and one of them is ‘Spirited’ which will take you on a magical journey with ghosts and the protagonist of the film, Clint Briggs, played by Ryan Reynolds.

Spirited is adapted from Charles Dickens’s novella, A Christmas Carol, directed by Sean Anders and produced by John Morris. Until now, the film has received a good of reviews, but because of its rating, parents of many are concerned about what is exactly shown in the film. So, follow the guidelines below to know if the movie is appropriate for your child.

Harsh Language:

What makes a movie child-friendly is when it uses the language that a pre-teen should not use in a daily conversation, which may impact the standards of society. However, under proper parental guidance, one may watch the movie, but it depends upon what parents may find right for their kids.

Spirited Movie Scenes

A still from the 2022 Christmas movie – Spirited

In Spirited, you may hear words and F-words several times, which may not be appropriate for kids below 13. You may also hear the mention of some gender-related comedy, but no such scenes are present in the film.

Inappropriate Scenes:

If you are concerned about the sexual and nudity scenes in the movie, then nothing like this is shown. However, you may see a kissing scene, a shirtless man (only showing the upper part of the body), and some sexual dialogues, as mentioned earlier.

As the film is from the point of view of the ghosts, you may see some scary scenes or faces but not like depicted in a real horror movie. The genre of the film is drama, musical, and comedy, so the creators may have added some not-so-scary scenes to increase the enjoyment.

However, please check once if the scenes are appropriate for your kids or not. According to the sources, The MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America) rated the movie PG-13 because of some language, suggestive material & thematic elements.

Should anyone below the age of 13 watch the movie “Spirited”?

As MPAA already categorized Spirited into PG-13 rating, parents should understand that some scenes may impact their child. So, it is always advisable to watch the movie with your child instead of letting them watch it alone.

Proper parental guidance is important while watching PG-13 movies, as PG-13 itself means that parents are cautioned. Even though the movie revolves around fantasy and musical genres, the presence of an adult cast leads to mature conversations, even in the movies.

As Spirited has received very good reviews from critics, it is the best Christmas movie you should look forward to watching this year. For your children, follow the above guidelines and enjoy the movie.

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