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Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Breakup

One of the most iconic couples of the 2000s was Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. The two Taylors started dating in the fall of 2009, and their short-lived romance came to an end at the end of the year. Taylor swift is an American singer born in West Reading, Pennsylvania. She has produced some songs on which people can’t stop grooving, such as Anti-hero, Love story, You belong with me, and Look what you made me do.

Taylor Lautner is an actor born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He’s known for playing the role of Jacob Black in the Twilight series saga. He was also in Abduction, an action-packed film, and Valentine’s Day, a rom-com movie.

How They Started Dating

The two Taylors first met on the sets of Valentine’s Day, a romantic comedy by Garry Marshall. Love story’s singer played the role of Felicia, a doting high-school girlfriend, Willy, who was portrayed by Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner at the sets of Valentine's Day movie.

Taylors at the Valentine’s Day movie set (credit: Pinterest)

After the movie, both were spotted together at various instances, but Taylor swift admitted that they got closer but denied all the rumours regarding their romantic relationship, saying that she’s in a mindset where she chose to be single. Many gossip sites shipped them together and started calling them Taylor Squad.

Later the artist released the Monologue song, which confirmed their dating rumours. In October 2009, Swift confirmed their relationship by blowing a kiss, waving and winking at the Twilight Series actor, and mouthing Hi to him in one of her live performances.

Their Public Appearances

From September to November, the couple was spotted together in public places quite frequently. They were even spotted embracing the stage of the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner attending MTV video music awards.

Taylors at VMA (Credits: Yahoo)

The couple also went on a hockey game date for which Lautner skipped his Twilight Eclipse wrap party, which was being held in Vancouver, and flew to LA for their date.

Before this date, the couple was spotted at various other games also where Taylor Lautner was trying to hide from the camera, whereas Taylor swift was not minding the attention they were getting.

Relationship Downfall

The Love Story’s singer was only 19 and turned 20 that December, and Twilight’s actor was only 17 when they got into the relationship. They both were only teens at that time. Getting so much spotlight at that young age affected their relationship.

They both looked like a perfectly happy couple, but inside the story, no one knew. According to Lautner, it was he who liked Swift more. He also claimed that he was putting more effort into their relationship as compared to the singer.

In one of Saturday Night Lives’s¬†appearances in 2009, the actor joked about how during Swift’s acceptance speech at MTV Video Music Awards, when Kanye West stormed off, he failed to defend her.

End of Their Relationship

By the end of the year, their relationship also came to an end. Even though it’s not clear who called it off, one can easily figure out it was Taylor Swift. The singer was never into it as much as the actor was, so it only makes sense that she’s the one who ended it.

After almost a year after their breakup, she released a song called ‘back to December, ‘which directly indicated that she regretted her decision to call it off. From the lyrics of the song, fans easily made out that the song was for Taylor Lautner.

“So this is me swallowing my pride, Standing in front of you saying I’m sorry for that night, And I go back to December all the time; it turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you, Wishing I’d realized what I had when you were mine”

Even after a year of their relationship, it was clear that the singer was not able to move on from her ex as in one of her interviews, she admitted crushing on Lautner when asked who’s her recent crush in Ladies’ Home Journal.

In one of the interviews with Entertainment Tonight in 2016, Taylor Lautner described his past with the musician as a good one. He further described those months as a fun time.

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