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What Episode Does Bellamy Blake Die in The 100? Answered

What Episode does Bellamy Blake Die in The 100

The science-fiction television drama series is one of the best series loved mostly by sci-fi fans. Even after the show has officially ended, fans are still in a huge dilemma over some of the characters that were there in the series and the story behind their short character portrayal.

Since The 100 television series ended in 2020, the series still lies in the name as one of the best sci-fi television series. The plot, the storyline, and the thrill of the story in each season of the series surround itself with impresses many of The 100 fans.

Therefore, since the series has so many fanbases, they still are in question and have numerous questions to interpret some of the major characters and their situations and their roles in the series, one of them being Bellamy Blake, what happened to him, how did he die, this article will breakdown each and every detail regarding the character and what exactly happened to him in the series.

What is The 100 Series Based On?

The 100 is a science-fiction television series that is based on survival, leadership, etc. The series follows the story of 100 teenagers who are sent to Earth from a space station that has been orbiting the planet for 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse happened that wiped out most of humanity from Earth.

Therefore the series follows these 100 groups of teenagers who on Earth are able to survive and make their way after the planet faced a huge nuclear apocalypse.

Survival, leadership, and moral dilemmas are the themes that this series basically explores as the characters in the series struggle to adapt to their new environment and thus establish a new society on Earth. The main characters of the series are Clarke Griffin, Finn Collins, Ballamy Blake, and Octavia Blake, who have made this series a great masterpiece with their splendid acting.

Who Was Bellamy Blake In The 100?

Bellamy Blake is a fictional character in the series, The 100, being portrayed by the actor Bob Morley. He was one of the main characters in the series and thus was also one of the leaders of the 100 groups of teenagers who were sent to Earth from a space station after a nuclear apocalypse.

Initially portrayed as a self-centered, impulsive, and arrogant character who sometimes has a few tricky relationships with other members and is also at odds with other people.

However, with the progress of the series in further seasons, the character also matures in his personality, becoming a more responsible and compassionate leader who is deeply committed and is on top while helping and protecting his people. Also has a sister Octavia, and his relationship with her seems very complex. While also has a love interest in the series name Echo. Therefore their relationship progress in the series.

What Happened to Bellamy Blake in The 100?

Bellamy Blake’s death in the series created a major shock for sci-fi television series fans, but fans actually want to know what exactly happened to Bellamy Blake, which resulted in his death in the series. Bellamy Blake was one of the fan-favorite characters who was dearly enjoyed and loved by fans, but the shocking factor came when he died in season 7 of the series, which marked the end of this character.

Bellamy Blake, The 100, Credits: Digital Spy

And it was probably the biggest death of The 100’s series history. Bellamy was shot through the heart and killed by one of his best partners, co-leader and friend Clarke Griffin, however prior to that, his presence in the show was minor, which kind of proved the possibility that the makers wanted to cut his role, and there you go his death in the season 7 of the series ultimately bid a farewell to the character.

What Episode Does Bellamy Blake Die In The 100?

Bellamy Blake died in season 7, episode 8 of the series, when Clarke, one of her best friends, shot him in order to save Madi since Clarke, we all know, would do anything for the people she loves, and in order to save Madi, she shot Bellamy who was one of her biggest co-leader and partner.

Bellamy’s death became a major shocking element and created a lot of twists further in the series story. However, Bellamy fans were upset since a lot of mixed emotions were going on in their minds after the death of their favorite character in the series.

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