What Episode Does Iris Find Out That Barry Is The Flash? Revealed

The Flash

For anyone who has grown up reading DC comics, the character of Flash does not seem too unfamiliar. A favorite among children and adults alike, The Flash is a cardinal character in the Justice League.

Many adaptations have been created of this much-loved character and the latest adaptation is that of the American T.V. series by the name, The Flash. The story follows a scientist called Barry Allen who goes into a coma under mysterious circumstances and then wakes up after a period of 9 months with a sudden change in his capabilities.

The Flash And The Story:

The series has been running since 2014 and there have been close to 9 seasons following the story of D.C. characters. The series is broadcast on the channel CW where viewers can watch the episodes. Throughout this tale of superhero action, there is also a side story of romance and love.

This involves the protagonist Barry and his significant other, Iris West. Inside the entire drama, the arc of Barry and Iris is very interesting to witness. This is because of the fact that Barry has had feelings for Iris which go beyond the platonic feelings towards her and vice-versa.

The Flash
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This might be called a plot twist because this certainly has a bearing on their relationship and the rest of the narrative too. In the beginning, when Barry Allen goes through that unfortunate incident of getting struck with a flash of light, Iris does not know the truth about his super-human powers after that happens.

She is not aware of the capabilities that Barry has been endowed with after the lightning occurs. As per the plot of the series and of the original D.C. stories, Barry Allen is struck with lightning which makes him unconscious for a long period of time.

During this entire time, he is not present in the world, he is on his bed lying in a deep comatose state. After awakening from this state, he starts to realize that he has acquired new powers which make him very fast, almost like a flash. This ability to travel from one point to another in no time makes it an interesting and mysterious turn of events.

Iris does not have any idea about these happenings that occurred with Barry, she is still in the dark about everything. So when does Iris find out that Barry is the Flash? There are so many reasons and on top of that, so many episodes too, which recount the story of Barry and Iris from the beginning.

The season and the episode when this huge piece of information is finally revealed to Iris in season one of the T.V. series itself. Read on, but tread carefully for there are spoilers ahead!

Iris And Barry The Flash
Iris And Barry The Flash Credits: TV Fanatic

When Does Iris Find That Barry Is The Flash?

Actually, Iris does get the vibe of something being awry right from the earliest moments in the show but she is not definitely sure about what has happened and how it has all happened.

When Barry is in a coma state, she gets a weird feeling after touching him, almost as if a current is running through his veins. Then and there she ignores that experience. Again, in another episode in season one, Barry changes into his Flash suit in front of her eyes and she gets an inkling about him being the Flash.

In the alternative timeline of the show, where Flash tries to change the past and the future, he is chased by Reverse Flash and during this instance, Iris brushes her hands against his hands. At this moment too, she feels a jolt of the sudden current inside of her. At this particular moment, Flash A.K.A Barry tries to save Eddie and Iris from Reverse Flash.

Also, when Barry is trying to stop the tsunami, Iris feels that sensation again. After experiencing that more than one time, she becomes sure about it not being a coincidence. Her mental faculties make her think about this a little more and she finds out in the end that Barry is The Flash.

Thus, this convinces her of Barry’s real identity. All of this happens in Episode 20 of Season 1 which is called, ‘The Trap’. In this episode, a flashback of the events is quickly shown to ascertain the truth about Barry’s identity.

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