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What Happened to Chili on Chicago Fire? Everything You Need To Know

Chili Chicago Fire
Chili, Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire, American series which is directed by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, is a drama series. The show mainly focuses on firefighters’ professional as well as private life and also about rescue resources and paramedics. Chicago Fire concerns itself with the staff of the Chicago Fire Department at Firehouse 51, which is a fictional firehouse station.

The series aired for the very first time on NBC in the year 2012 on October 10. Till now, the show has broadcasted a total of 10 seasons and 217 episodes. Its 11th season was aired on September 21, 2022.

As mentioned early also, the show talks about the personal as well as private lives of firefighters and rescue personnel and paramedics of Firehouse 51, a fictional firehouse station at the Chicago Fire Department and is the home of various fictional companies, namely Engine Company 51, Truck Company 81, Rescue Squad Company 3, Battalion 25, and Ambulance 61.

Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire

After the death of Andrew Darden, who was a very experienced firefighter, a fight broke out between the officer-in-charge of Truck Company 81 and Rescue Squad Company 3. Lieutenant Matthew Casey is in charge of Truck Company 81, whereas Lieutenant Kelly Severide is in charge of Rescue Squad Company 3. Loyalty is being tested between two friends when their friend dies, and they start blaming each other.

The show is, in fact, a highly adored and loved show. Having a rating of 8 on IMDb, the show has won several awards. The show’s first award was ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, which it won in 2013, and in the same year won Prism Award. In 2015 the show again won a Prism Award. The show’s been doing good, and nobody would want to go from the show.

Then what happened with the show’s Chili? With the release of its 11th season, the show’s lovers want to know the reason why Chili is no longer seen on the show. Let’s have a look at the reason.

Who’s Chili?

Jessica “Chili” Chilton, portrayed by Dora Madison, is an Ambulance 61 paramedic who had replaced Peter Mills after he shifted to North Carolina. She also had difficulties with relationships, and it was quite clear in her behavior toward others. The reason behind this can be the relationship between her parents which, you guessed right was not good.

It looked like Chili had a good relationship with her father and always wanted to have a “perfect” drink with her father. Her twin sister, Jellybean ran away from home and was found dead in Season 4, Chili couldn’t handle her death and eventually did something which cost her work.

Dora Madison

Dora Madison

Jessica “Chili” Chilton was seen for the first time in the “We Called Her Jellybean” episode, and her last appearance was in “All Hard Parts.” Even though her presence on the show was shorter than one could imagine, she still brought intensity to the show.

What happened? Let’s see what made her presence cease on the show.

What Happened to Chili on Chicago Fire?

Chili was Ambulance 61 paramedic and had a dysfunctional ability to maintain a relationship mainly because of the bond shared between her parents. This was pretty clear when she made her debut in Season 3 of the show. Her relationship with her twin sister Jellybean or Alyssa, was also not good. When Chili was young, Jellybean ran from home and started working with Antonio, who is Gabriella’s brother, as a CI Agent.

With the death of her sister, who was found dead in Season 4, Chili got into depression. In the early stages, Chili kept her baggage away from her professional life but one mistake, and she’s in depression. Jellybean’s death worked as a cherry on top for Chili.

Chili Chicago Fire

Chili, Chicago Fire

In Season 4 of the show, Chili becomes an alcoholic and fails to resist the temptation of alcohol. She started sneaking away to drink during her working hours and was caught by Kelly Severide, who was also responsible for her to get into rehab. Chili was seen for the last time on the “All Hard Parts” episode as she agreed to go for the treatment.

Even though Chili was removed from the series, she was mentioned again in the show in the “Bad for the Soul” episode for a brief moment. In the episode, it was revealed that she hadn’t answered any of Jimmy Borrelli’s phone calls. After this, there was no mention of her in the Chicago Fire, and we can only hope that she’s happy and healthy in her life.

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