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Who Does Betty End up With In Riverdale? Everything You Need To Know

Who does Betty endup in Riverdale
Who does Betty endup in Riverdale

Everyone thought that Betty and Jughead, or as the fans love to call them, Bughead, was the endgame. And why not? They were pretty cute together, and their chemistry is dying worthy.

At the beginning of the show, Riverdale Betty convinced Jughead to join their high school newspaper, Blue and Gold, with her to investigate Jason Blossom’s murder. They both shared an intimate bond. When they both were preparing Jason’s murder board with the help of Kevin, Trev interrupted them to ask Betty about their date. Even though Betty said that it was because of the case only, Jughead did not like the idea.

Bughead visits Sisters of Quiet Mercy to find Polly, Betty’s sister. That night after returning, Jughead climbed into Betty’s room using a ladder and, after entering, said, Hey there, Juliet. Betty had a minor freak-out act, and after calming her down, both shared an intimate kiss moment.

One evening when Jughead was sitting at a diner with his dad, FP Jones, and Archie, FP asked his son about his relationship with Betty Cooper. (Fun fact, Betty’s mom and Jughead’s father made out in their high school days).

Jughead was struggling to put a label on his relationship with Betty. Betty, on the other hand, was clear and called Jughead her boyfriend as the show progressed. Of course, they both had their fights, but one fight was special for Betty. Bughead got into a fight when Jughead got to know that Archie and Veronica broke into his dad’s trailer. It was during that time that Betty realized she loved Jughead.

Betty and Jughead

Betty and Jughead

During Betty’s speech at the Jubilee, Jughead was the first one to stand up and clap for her. Later that night, Bughead went to FP Jones’ trailer where Jughead was living and confessed their feelings for each other, and started making out. Things were going great between them, making people believe that Betty would end up with Jughead. But things started going south.

Bughead broke up once but later got back together. But, eventually, both of them finally separated ways. At the time of their separation, Betty asked how many times are they going to push each other away, in response to which he said until it sticks.

Who does Betty end up with in Riverdale?

Even though Betty and Jughead were together, Betty also had a soft corner for Archie in her heart. At the beginning of Riverdale, Betty accepts having feelings for Archie, but Archie gets together with Veronica, and Betty has to kick her feelings out.

But by the end of season 4, both Archie and Betty broke up with their partners. Archie ended things with Veronica and Betty got out into a relationship with Jughead, and also, the four of them went on different ways.

In season 5, all of them were shown as adults and had their own lives. Betty became an FBI agent who had her baggage, Veronica got married to an overly possessive man, Jughead was a struggling writer, and Archie became an army officer. All of them had their lives and had no intention of returning to Riverdale but had to come back to save the town from Hiram Lodge, Veronica’s dad.



Both Betty and Archie officially got into a relationship by the end of season 5. They are called, Barchie by their fans. Barchie discussed their plans of having a family together but not wanting to get married because of their past experiences with their families. They both decided to have their kid, but Betty was not able to get pregnant due to a lack of viable eggs.

To get pregnant, they took Cheryl’s assistance. Cheryl agreed to it but with the condition that Betty wouldn’t stand in her way when she ritually sacrificed Archie in the name of the Maple Maiden.

Cheryl made a sin pie which Betty fed Archie. After this, both share an intimate moment, after which Betty gets pregnant. Later as the story moves forward, Archie dies, but Betty’s reaction to his death is very strange. She acted as if nothing had happened. Later it was found that Betty was never actually pregnant and what she experienced was nothing but hysterical pregnancy.

Betty and Archie

Betty and Archie

How much it is true is not specified. La Llorona, the spirit haunting Riverdale, can also bear a child in the womb. Riverdale’s storyline did take a complete 180-degree change when Archie was resurrected in the plot.

What are your views on the plot of Fox‘s television series Riverdale? Riverdale new season, season 7, is scheduled to set your screen on fire on March 29, 2023. Continue watching to know what will happen in the show.

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