What Happened To Blake Shelton? The Main Reason.

what happened to blake shelton
Blake Shelton Credits: NBC


The Voice has been an interesting and successful singing competition throughout the NBC network since it first started in 2011. And from the start of the show, country singer Blake Shelton was the center of attraction as a coach. Shelton has an impressive 9 wins throughout the show, which makes him one of the best coaches in “The Voice. ”

And one more exciting thing is that he met his wife, Gwen Stefani, when she was hosting as a coach in the show. If we look at the most successful coach in “The Voice,” then Blake Shelton is one of those. As it has to lead 9 contestants towards victory, and one of his most recent wins is Bryce in Shelton’s 22nd and final season on The Voice.

And if we talk about the second most wins, then Coach Kelly Clarkson is the one with four contestants.  The Voice is not just a show for the viewers. It’s a never-ending entertainment dose.

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Shelton Reveals Why He Wanted To Leave ‘The Voice’

The star coach Blake Shelton will serve as an upcoming coach for the 23rd season of “The Voice. “And it will go to be the last time for the star coach as he will leave the series after the season is completed. From the start, he is the only one who has made the show hit with his unpredictable win.

And has left the show memorable with his record-breaking win, including his last season. The “God’s Country” singer Shelton also discusses about his journey in “The Voice. “How he met his wife and former coach Gwen Stefani on “The Voice” and started thinking about leaving the show during the pandemic.

Blake Shelton reveals about his leave from The Voice
Blake Shelton credits: YouTube

And then he realized that the show which changed his life would be at a loss if he left the show without any further information to his fans. And he stated that he wouldn’t leave the show until and unless the world came to its normal phase again.

So that he could take leave from the audience in their presence with a last goodbye. Apart from this, the veterans  Shelton and Clarkson welcomed the new ones, Horan and Chance, as both of them were very excited to share their knowledge in the competition.

New Coach’s Entry

Both the new coaches are one of the finest coaches of the new generation, as both of them have made their names popular in the music industry. Whether it would be a reality show or solo singing, they both have succeeded in every frame. And both of them are so much keen on their work that it is almost impossible to find their errors.

And that is the sign of a perfect coach, who can make you learn from zero level to infinity. With a lot of enjoyment and ease, you can understand in a better way. If we talk about the achievements of both the judges, then our first coach  Clarkson won the inaugural season of “American Idol.” And the second coach, Horan, had become famous on a reality show on Britain’s “X Factor.”

Blake Shelton welcomes new coach
Blake Shelton Credits: IMDb

So the new singers will be very excited as they will get new coaches for their preparation. And the coaches are also excited to spread their knowledge to all the singers.

Final Round

The show will take selection for the final rounds, as per each singer’s performance. And whom so ever has scored the safe points will be safe for the next round. But if the singer fails to reach the safe score, then he may get out of the round. Moreover, this selection is done till the final round so that they can get their finalist.

After the selection of the finalist, some more rounds are done for the wild card entry. And whom so ever will be lucky will get selected as a wild card performer. And this time it will be more interesting as our famous coach is also leading his team towards the competition.

Blake shelton final round
Blake Shelton credits: entertainment tonight

All the rounds will have different difficulty levels and extreme challenges. So let us see whose team will win and make a new record. So go and pick your favorite team as per your preference.