Austin And Lexi Breakup: All Rumors Explained

Austin & Lexi's
Austin & Lexi's Credits: YouTube.

Lexi Cohen is an American citizen, and a Tik Tok star who was born on 4th July 1998 in U.S. Cohen is professionally a TikTok creator who creates and posts entertaining videos through her TikTok account. And is known best for her comedy, as people love the way and style how she entertains everyone.

Moreover, the star has a huge fan following on her Instagram and Facebook accounts. The star has an approx fan following of around 5 million on Tik Tok. And in most of his videos, you will find that the star is playing a prank on her boyfriend, Austin, just because the audience loves to watch it.

And that’s why she does it, only for her audience, and tries to prank her boyfriend. However, most of the time, it got failed as her boyfriend got to know about it from his shooting team. Moreover, the star also has a cute and romantic relationship with her boyfriend, which we will get to know later on in this article.

So if you are interested in knowing about the star, then go through the article as everything is explained perfectly and lucidly. Moreover, we will also discuss the star relationship history.

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Austin & Lexi’s Breakup

Austin & Lexi were close friends from childhood as they studied together in the same school in the U.S. And also completed their degrees from the same college. During their school and college time, they both enjoyed each other company and made memories by doing some fun activities.

Moreover, they also acted in different acts during their college time. And from there only, they got an idea for their acting career. And just after a couple of months, when they got graduated and completed their studies. They created a channel on Tik Tok, where they used to post some funny videos, which was not successful at the start.

Austin & Lexi's Breakup
Austin & Lexi’s (Credits: Tubefilter)

So they worked harder to create some unique and interesting content that the audience would love to watch. After this, their career took an interesting turn which changed their life. And after some years, they got popular as their videos got loved by the audience, which increased their fanbase and their channel growth.

When the star chose acting as her career, she was not sure whether she would grow or not but with a lot of dedication and hard work, she made it happen. And is now among one of the famous influencers in the Tik Tok.

Later on, when the star was asked about her idle for the achievement. For which the actress replied that her mother is always idle as she always helps her whenever she is in trouble.


Austin & Lexi’s Relationship

As per the reports, Austin & Lexi were first caught dating each other on 4th June 2015 in a resort. From there, they were seen many times together at different parties, functions, and events. The couple loves each other and company and are said to be the best couple by their fans.

Also, the couple was so perfect that it was tough to find something different from them. Whether it would be their favorite food or favorite holiday place, most of the time, you will find it similar. Later on, the couple was set to rumors, and one common news spread all over the media.

Austin & Lexi's Relationship
Austin & Lexi’s Credits: Faces Of Long Island – Newsday.

That the star is breaking her relationship with her boyfriend Austin, who cheated on her, and just after a couple of weeks, people came to know about it, and the star was surrounded by thousands of questions every day. Whether it would be the media or her fans, no one was left who didn’t question her regarding her relationship.

Moreover, during an official interview when the Tik Tok star was asked about his relationship with his boyfriend, Austin. She just refused to say and replied, in short, that some relationships are just to give you pain. However, the actress was never seen with Austin anymore, but the question remains unsolved as it was not clear what was the real reason behind it.

Many people also claim that they have some family issues, which turn their relationship into a trap. And the result was that they got broke up with each other.