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Where is Renfield Filmed? Spooky Locations To Know in New Orleans

Renfield (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Are you intrigued to know where the highly acclaimed comedy horror American movie Renfield was filmed? Then we have got you covered. Renfield, the film written by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ridley, which takes you to the modern world of Dracula, has been highly appreciated by fans for the unusual plot that it follows and cast such as Nicholas Hoult, Nicholas Cage, and Awkwafina that it features.

After watching this amazingly humorous film, fans not only began conversations about the character of Dracula and Renfield but also about the filming locations of the movie. As all of the filming locations featured in the movie are well-suited with such a horror Dracula movie, fans now want to know where those locations are and whether they can visit those spooky places or not. Well, continue reading this post and know all the information about Renfield Filming Locations.

Before getting into the filming locations of Renfield, let us know a bit more about the plot of the film. Released in the year 2023 and directed by Chris McKey, Renfield takes you to the life of a lawyer, Renfield, who has been serving a Dracula for years. His main work is to get Dracula his pray, and in return, Dracula will help him be immortal for thousands of years. Renfield is imprisoned by Dracula and works hard to get human beings as his prey.

One day, Renfield gets frustrated by being the slave of Dracula and finds a way out to learn what modern life is like outside his traumatizing prison. Once Renfield goes out, he finds himself in New Orleans, where he meets the self-help group. While finding a new way of life, Dracula has control over him which makes him do things that he does not want to do. So, Renfield soon finds himself in trouble when people around him get to know about his real identity.

Renfield is the perfect film for you if you love watching comedy, horror films, or series because this movie is flawlessly filled with horror, drama, action, thriller, and humor that you do not want to miss. Additionally, you would be mesmerized watching the different filming locations of Renfield, which will keep you enchanted in the eerie Dracula world. So, where these Renfield locations are? Know here.

Renfield Filming Locations:

In the movie, we see that Dracula and Renfield move to New Orleans after facing some problems at their previous place. After getting tired of serving Dracula and bringing him new human beings to eat, Renfield decides to run away, and he ends up with the self-help group. While filming Renfield, the creators could not find any other better place than New Orleans because it helped them maintain the authenticity of the film.

No other location that New Orleans has been revealed yet where Renfield was shot. After facing problems with the film The Mummy, which received negative reviews, Renfield was again considered by Skybound Entertainment when Robert Kirkman made some change in the original script and pitched it to the studio. Additionally, even the director of Renfield was replaced by Dexter Fletcher by Chris McCay.

Dracula's Castle in Renfield

Dracula’s Castle in Renfield (Credit: New York Post)

Finally, in the year 2022, preparations for the Dracula movie began, and the cast was confirmed. In the year 2022 itself, it was revealed that the filming of Renfield would happen in various parts of New Orleans. Some of the scenes of Renfield were filmed in the studio, which includes the hospital basement and Dracula’s basement. So, all of it was constructed to make it look as spooky as possible.

As some locals saw the shooting happening near Gallier Hall, which is known for its finest Greek architecture designed by James Gallier, some exteriors of this event hall were added to the filming locations of Renfield. The New Orleans city in Louisiana was used for the major part of Renfield filming because, in this city, many architectural buildings go well with the character of Dracula.

One location that caught director Chris McKey’s location was an abandoned Charity Hospital in New Orleans. According to Nicholas Hammond, the production designer of Renfield, the hospital looked like the modern version of Dracula’s castle, but it was destroyed and broken down. Even the exteriors of the hospital were filmed to make it look like Dracula’s creepy castle.

Renfield Filming Location: Mulates Restaurant

Renfield Filming Location: Mulates Restaurant (Credit: Flickr)

Another location is Mulate’s restaurant (201 Julia St, located in New Orleans, LA 70130) which was not the constructed set but the original restaurant located in New Orleans. So if you visit New Orleans, then do not forget to visit Mulate’s Restaurant, which serves the best Cajun food with amazing live Zydeco music and the dance floor.

The restaurant is open every day except Monday. From Tuesday to Thursday, the timings are 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM, and from Friday to Sunday restaurant is open from 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

When asked at the Overlook Film Festival, the director of Renfield, Chris McKey, said that New Orleans is a city in Louisiana that looks like and feels like a European City, so he wanted something which is new, modern, and original to Dracula but also has connections to the history. Additionally, there are different French and Spanish architectures that were important to McKey, and that is why he selfishly wanted to shoot there.

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