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What Happened To Alice In Run Rabbit Run?

What Happened To Alice In Run Rabbit Run?
Sarah and Mia in Run Rabbit Run (Credit: Netflix)

Netflix’s most recent effort to give its subscribers nightmares is Run Rabbit Run. It was originally shown at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It was directed by Daina Reid, and Hannah Kent wrote the screenplay.

Run Rabbit Run has a spooky, ambiguous finale that, like many psychological horror movies before it, may leave some viewers scratching their heads in disbelief.  The brilliant young newcomer Lily LaTorre plays the world’s spookiest child in the brand-new Australian horror film, which has just started streaming and stars Sarah Snook.

What Happened To Alice In Run Rabbit Run?

Mia finds a white rabbit (Credit: Netflix)

With 8.4 million views and a spot among the ten most-watched films in 27 different countries, Run Rabbit Run has been one of the biggest hits on Netflix in the last week.

Continue reading for our summary of the Run Rabbit Run plot analysis and an explanation of the Run Rabbit Run conclusion. Additionally, it will be clarified what happened to Alice in the film’s final scene as well as regarding the characters’ futures.

Run Rabbit Run plot summary:

The Australian horror movie sees a reproductive specialist named Sarah (Sarah Snook) going through the grieving process following the recent demise of her father. Mia (Lily LaTorre), Sarah’s daughter, appears to have taken her grandfather’s passing very hard.

Due to Sarah’s separation from her mother, Mia starts to insist on going to see her grandma Joan (Greta Scacchi), even though Mia has never met her. Finally, Sarah takes Mia to visit her grandmother at the assisted care home.

She is a single mother who relies on Pete (Damon Herriman), Mia’s father, to help her raise her daughter Mia (Lily La Torre). Shortly after finding and keeping a white rabbit, Mia’s behavior changes in an odd way.

She crafts and wears a bunny rabbit mask over her face all the time, makes the same unsettling drawing on all of her papers and homework, and then starts to say that she is Alice, Sarah’s 7-year-old sister, who vanished when they were kids while Sarah was watching over them.  

What Happened To Alice In Run Rabbit Run?

Mia’s scary drawings of a person and a rabbit (Credit: Netflix Asia)

Sarah finds Mia’s scary drawings of a person and a rabbit.  Sarah chooses to speak with her daughter instead. She finally informs Mia about Alice while taking her to her desert-adjacent childhood home.

Mia enters Alice’s old room uninvited and starts dressing as Alice. Mia also continues to sketch scary images and experience nosebleeds.

What happened to Alice:

Sarah claimed that she frequently quarreled with her sister, who loved animals and would bring back stray animals to care for them. Sarah imprisoned her sister in a tool cabinet on the day Alice “vanished.” Alice let Sarah go and then started choking her. Sarah struck Alice with a metal object on the head.

Alice was bleeding from her forehead as she hurried to the cliff on their property. Then Sarah killed her sister by pushing her over the cliff. Her parents were informed that Alice had fled. She grew apart from her mother as a result of the guilt.

Run Rabbit Run

Mia claims herself as Alice (Credit: Netflix)

Mia eventually disappears without a trace. Sarah gets another terrifying vision as the two of them seek the river at the base of the crucial cliffs. They eventually locate their daughter outside the home, hidden in some bushes, but she is being seen by a spectral image of Alice.

After convincing her mother to call herself a “monster” that evening, Mia/Alice leaves her bed the next morning. Seeing her daughter and her deceased sister going together toward the cliffs, Sarah stares out of the window.

What happened to Mia

Mia is discovered secure beneath a nearby shrub. Later on, that evening, while holding Mia in bed, Sarah speaks to her in Alice’s voice, informing her that she informed their mother that Alice had fled. When Alice refers to her as a monster, Sarah responds, “I’m a monster.”

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