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Keeley And Roy Break Up: All We Need To Know

Kelley Jones and Roy Kent in Ted Lasso's Season2
Kelley Jones and Roy Kent in Ted Lasso's Season 2 (Credit: Meaww)

In the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso, Keeley Jones is a main regular character. She is a model-turned-PR consultant for AFC Richmond, Roy Kent’s ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Welton’s best friend, Ted Lasso’s good friend, Jamie Tartt’s ex-girlfriend, Flo Collins’ good friend, and the CEO of KJPR Firm in Richmond.

Roy Kent and Keeley Jones’ breakup is revealed in the first episode of Ted Lasso season 3, although many people are left to wonder why they did so.

The power couple Roy Kent and Keeley Jones’ relationship is revealed to be over after the closing episodes of season 2 planted the seeds of doubt.

While Keeley now owns her own PR agency and mentions that she and Roy will be having “the talk” with Roy’s niece Phoebe that evening in an early discussion with Rebecca, little else seems to have changed between the two characters at the start of the new season.

In this article, we will discuss the relationship between Keeley and Roy and also the reason for their break up in the drama “Ted Lasso.” There are some miscommunications between the two, too, as Roy simply declares that they have broken up while Keeley clarifies that they are taking a break.

How Kelley And Roy’s Personal Life Became The Reason For Their Split

Of course, there are a few options for what ‘the conversation’ could be referring to, but as the fateful scene arrives, it becomes evident that they’re not talking about anything.

Keeley is an entrepreneurial, free-spirited lady who established a successful career as a model and influencer. She asserts that she is “famous but not famous enough” in terms of celebrity. Even though Roy was more well-known, a Richmond supporter named Tommy asserts that Keeley was a key character in his adolescence rather than Roy.

Kelley Jones and Roy Kent

Kelley Jones and Roy Kent (Credit: Warner Bros)

Roy and Keeley begin to quip about, and she states she can push all of his buttons, which annoys him, but he still respects her. He genuinely pays more attention to her when she mimics him, especially when he growls.

Because the boss lady is a tough and prickly individual, Keeley also starts to show up at the Nelson Road Stadium to hang out with Rebecca and brings her a cactus as a gift.

Keeley asks Rebecca to reveal a paparazzi-obtained naked photo of herself, and when she does, she remarks on Rebecca’s beauty. They get closer after Rebecca receives the compliment, which boosts her confidence.

Why Did Keeley And Roy Break Up

Roy explains that they are currently too busy with their jobs to be in a relationship when Phoebe inquires as to why he and Keeley are no longer together.

Roy goes on to say that he has more on his plate now that he is in charge of supervising Richmond’s strategies following Nate’s departure because Keeley is spending all of her time and energy managing her PR agency, while Roy has less time and energy to devote to that.

Phoebe asks Roy whether he believes they are making the right decision before telling him that she believes he is being foolish by breaking up with Keeley as he prepares to drive her home. Roy claims that their separation was a result of their recent professional changes, but there was probably more to it than that.

Roy kent, Kelley Jones and Phoebe during Christmas

Roy Kent, Kelley Jones, and Phoebe during Christmas (Credit: Today)

Roy is supposed to spend Christmas with Keeley in a romantic and passionate manner, but he instead shows up with Phoebe and informs her that he has to watch his niece because his sister is busy in the hospital. 

At the conclusion of season 2, Roy made arrangements to travel with Keeley, but she declined so that she could concentrate on her profession. On top of that, Roy also acknowledged that it upset him not to be in the magazine photoshoot with her.

Due to the fact that Roy thought Keeley looked much more natural in the images by herself, the Independent Woman, after her career took off, it is possible that Roy feels that Keeley is better off without him now that her own is taking off.

It might take them some time to work things out, even if Roy and Keeley manage to reconcile after the Ted Lasso season 3 finale. Even so, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

If only to properly comprehend everything that transpired in the finale, Roy, Keeley, and Jamie all need some alone time. Roy appears to have the highest chance of seeing Keeley again compared to Nate, Jamie, Jack, or anyone else who has shown care for her.

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