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What Happened To Travis Herzog?

Travis Herzog
Travis Herzog (Credits: ABC 13)

On Saturday, Herzog was carried to the emergency room in Memorial Hermann in an ambulance, where he took medications to reset his heart after suffering from superventricular tachycardia (SVT), which made his heart beat faster than normal. His heart beat faster than normal, and the speed was uncontrollable.

Superventricular tachycardia makes the heart beat more than a hundred times a minute. A normal heart rate is 60 to 100 times a minute. The symptoms are pounding in the chest, weakness, chest pain, sweating, and fainting.

He is fighting his disease by necessary resting and asks for well wishes, prayers, and support for his recovery. He is not seen on live broadcasts on ABC 13 weather forecast, but his viewers are awaiting his return.

Now Travis has returned to his meteorological duties at abc13 KTRK.

Read on to find out what happened to Travis Herzog.

Who is Travis Herzog?  

Travis Herzog is an Emmy awarded Chief Meteorologist, ‘Broadcaster of The Year’ of the National Weather Association, and a renowned TV broadcast personality in the Media Alliance of Houston.

His weather forecasts are factual, educational, and full of information. He provides crucial life-saving information during tough weather conditions.


Travis Herzog (Credits: Houston Chronicle)

He addresses weather hazards like tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. He gives awareness of weather safety at schools and gives them additional and important knowledge about such dangerous conditions. He gives awareness of storm anxieties and rids people of common myths about hurricanes and floods.

What Happened to Travis Herzog 

Travis Herzog calls his increased heart rate a family condition that wasn’t new to him, but he hadn’t expected an increased heart rate coming at his workplace.

He acknowledges crucial emergency action taken by Dr. Morris, Jasmine, Ethan, Tiffany, and more at the Memorial Hermann ER and the firefighter EMTs who helped me get there.

He was hospitalized after being diagnosed with SVT or superventricular tachycardia. He has many prayers and well wishes to which he replies that he is going to join work soon. He is being represented by Chief Meteorologist David Tillman on the show.

He posts on Facebook thanking people for being his backbone and also asks for prayers from his followers. He is recovering, but he needs time off his work for some rest.

ABC 13 Houston has reported that Travis’s absence is temporary, and he will be back soon. The station has ensured that accurate and factual information is provided to the viewers in his absence.

The numerous well wishes act as support for Travis, and he is becoming stronger every day. The viewers are waiting patiently for him to return to his weather forecasts.

Travis Herzog and ABC 13 Houston

American weather forecaster Travis Herzog is important to the KTRK weather team, and his live TV broadcasts can be watched on Eyewitness News at 5 PM, 6 PM, and 10 PM EST (US time). He became the new ABC 13 KTRK chief meteorologist replacing Tim Heller.

On KTRK, he gives important information about the ever-changing Gulf Coast weather in an interactive and professional way. He has earned his meteorology degree from Texas A&M University, and he is AMS certified with the NWA seal of approval.

Leading the professional weather team is an honor to him, and he gives forecasts for plans and activities of citizens and their safety in adverse weather conditions.

Travis has been inspiring people with his balance in both workplace and personal health concerns. According to him, being at his best mental and physical health is important to his job. He is motivated to stay healthy and do workouts.

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