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What Happened To Malibu from the American Gladiators?

The tanned and loved Malibu from American Gladiators. (Credits: IMDb)

McBee had many injuries as a stuntman. In 1989, he suffered injuries in the Human Cannonball event. He has broken vertebrae, two broken knees, and herniated disks. Deron Michael McBee, born on August 23, 1960, is an American sportsman.

He played the role of Motaro in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and as Malibu in American Gladiators. McBee or Malibu has blond hair, tanned skin, and a surfer personality.

He is known for his immense height, 240 pounds, and strength as Malibu. This nickname was received from producers who said that the power and huge body made him look like a surfer. McBee was hugely impacted when his wife died of a heart attack in 2003.

Malibu was the loudest and most egotistical gladiator in the production, calling himself a ‘good-looking California guy.’ A tanned Malibu had a considerable fan base with physical strength portrayed in the character.

His training and skill made him successful in the American Gladiators set. Read to know more about what happened to Malibu from American Gladiators.

Who is Deron Micheal McBee?

He is the cool surfer dude who preferred babes and was a racquetball player whose tanned skin fit the role. Malibu focused on his acting career after American Gladiators and became a professional wrestler known as ‘kid fury.’  Nowadays, he has been painting and involved with Christian Ministry. He toured the racquetball circuit for three years.

American gladiators

Deron McBee Now. (Credits: Metro UK)

He had been Deputy Sheriff for the LA County Sheriff’s Department. He is an actor stuntman for SAG-AFTRA, and a bouncer. He has worked on the big screen, science fiction, action, and comedy with some forty productions.

What Happened to Malibu from American Gladiators?

Malibu was hurt during the human cannonball event against Brian Hutson. Hutson hit Malibu with force. He was hospitalized for stitches. He did return later, only to be replaced by Laser before. Gladiator Bronco filled in his place in the Human Cannonball event. The doctor wanted him to quit the show.

He had two fractured ribs, a broken thumb, a brain injury from his knee hitting his head during an incident, and a full muscle tear to his bicep, for which he had to undergo rehabilitation. Malibu was part of the first three seasons of the show – 1989-1991/1992. He had a muscular build and was one of the strongest gladiators.

The surfer dude guy was loved by fans and producers, but he said that he had never surfed in his life. The doctors were afraid to send him back to the show that he might be killed.

He said that he had a ‘problem with his ego,’ which was mostly for the show.  Malibu appeared in many other roles, which showed his skill outside the American Gladiators.

The show has some unsafe allegations for Gladiators, to which McBee says, ‘You can’t fake the things that happened on Gladiators.’ Human Cannonball got the contestants on a rope at an elevated point to knock down gladiators.

‘I had a four-inch gash,’ said McBee, remembering the surgeon sewing his face. He said that he recovered by sunbathing on the beach.

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