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Why Did Busta Rhymes Leave Leaders of the New School?

Busta Rhymes achieving success as a solo artist
Busta Rhymes achieving success as a solo artist (Credits: @bustarhymes/Instagram)

Who is Busta Rhymes, and why did she leave Leaders of the New School? In 1989 a hip-hop group, Leaders of the New School, was formed. It was created in Long Island, New York, with members Dinco D, Cut Monitor Milo, Charlie Brown, and Busta Rhymes.

In the early 1990s, the group started getting recognition due to their unique style and fascinating performances. However, in 1994, the group disbanded due to rising internal conflicts. Keep reading to identify why Busta Rhymes left Leaders of the New School.

The Rise of Leaders of the New School

In the early 1990s, Leaders of the New School made their debut performance for Public Enemy. Their intriguing performance burst onto the hip-hop scene and received many positive reviews.

Busta Rhymes performing as a Solo Artist

Busta Rhymes performing as a Solo Artist (Credits: @bustarhymes/Instagram)

They worked with A Tribe Called Quest on the well-known song “Scenario,” which projected them into the spotlight and solidified their position as up-and-coming artists in the hip-hop community.

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Internal Struggles and Disbandment

What was the leading cause of the group’s internal conflicts? Internal conflicts resulted from Busta Rhymes’ ability to dominate the other group members to gain more recognition and fame.

Conflicts between Busta Rhymes and the other band members grew when Charlie Brown left the set of the now-famous Yo! MTV Raps episode. These internal conflicts ultimately led to the group’s dissolution in 1994.

Busta Rhymes’ Solo Ascendancy

How were Busta Rhymes’ solo efforts and time with Leaders of the New School different? Busta Rhymes started a solo career after the group split up, which saw him reach even greater heights. Notably, Leaders of the New School contributed to the song “Keep It Movin'” on Busta Rhymes’ 1996 solo debut album, “The Coming.”

The other members each pursued their unique interests, with Charlie Brown looking into opportunities in the commercial world, Cut Monitor Milo starting T.H.C. and pursuing an independent music career, and Dinco D heading into solo performances.

Post-Disbandment Collaborations and Reunions

How did Leaders of the New School members continue their musical careers after the group split? Although Leaders of the New School’s dissolution indicated the end of an era, there were intermittent reunions.

Busta Rhymes Leave Leaders of the New School

Busta Rhymes Leave Leaders of the New School (Credits: @bustarhymes/Instagram)

The group came back together in 2012 to perform at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival alongside A Tribe Called Quest, revealing the group’s enduring impact on the hip-hop scene. Despite these rare gatherings, each member kept going on their respective musical paths.

The Legacy of Leaders of the New School

In summary, numerous factors contributed to Busta Rhymes leaving Leaders of the New School. Internal conflicts within the group arose as his star power increased, eventually leading to its dissolution.

The split allowed each member to pursue their artistic passions, with Busta Rhymes reaching even greater heights as a solo artist. Even though their time as a group may have been relatively short, their influence on the music industry continues to endure and remains recognized by fans.

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