Why Did Lauren Branning Leave EastEnders?

Jacqueline Jossa, portraying the character of Lauren Branning, leaves EastEnders (Credits: BBC One)

Who is Lauren Branning, and why did she leave EastEnders? EastEnders is a famous British soap opera that has been an integral part of television for over three decades. The show is recognized for its characters, exciting storylines, and surprising twists.

In the show, Jacqueline Jossa portrays one of the most cherished characters of Lauren Branning. However, in December 2018, Jacqueline Jossa announced her departure from the front, leaving fans in awe. Keep reading to know why Lauren Branning left EastEnders after eight years of work in that show.

Reason for Departure: Desire to Explore New Opportunities

Jossa’s desire to explore new opportunities and consider new roles was one factor that led her to leave EastEnders. She stated she had been with the show for a long time and wanted to try something new and challenging.

Jacqueline Jossa portraying the character of Lauren Branning
Jacqueline Jossa portraying the character of Lauren Branning (Credits: BBC One)

Jossa stated in an interview with OK! Magazine that “it’s time to move on and look into other opportunities. I want to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new.

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Creative Direction of the Show

Jossa reportedly felt Lauren’s plot had reached its climax and wasn’t pleased with how her character was written. The show’s creators were informed of her worries but could not effectively address them.

Jossa stated in an interview with The Sun, “I didn’t want to leave, EastEnders was my home for eight years, but I was feeling frustrated. The storylines weren’t what I wanted, and I felt I wasn’t being listened to.”

The Loss of Her On-Screen Sister

The story involving Lauren Branning’s on-screen sister, Abi Branning, was a significant reason why she left EastEnders. In the Christmas Day 2017 episode of the show, the two sisters inevitably fell from the Queen Vic’s roof. Lauren made it out alive, but Abi’s life was in danger.

Lauren’s character changed after her sister’s death, which prompted her to consider her future. She concluded it was time to move away from Albert Square and start a new life. Lauren was seen leaving her sister’s funeral with her son Louis in her last episode’s scene, eager to begin a new chapter in her life.

Where is Lauren Branning Now?

The character, played by Lauren Branning, was believed to have moved to New Zealand after leaving EastEnders. Her whereabouts were mentioned by Lauren’s father, Max Branning, to his brother Jack. He revealed that Abi’s son was all he had left and that Lauren was doing well in New Zealand.

The character of Lauren was left with an unresolved ending, opening the door for her possible return. There have not been any reports about Jacqueline Jossa playing the same role again.

Why Did Lauren Branning Leave EastEnders
Why Did Lauren Branning Leave EastEnders (Credits: BBC One)

New Beginnings for Lauren Branning

The departure of Lauren Branning from EastEnders was a significant loss for the show and its audience. Jacqueline Jossa left for several reasons, including the show’s creative direction and her desire to seek new opportunities. She made her choice in light of the death of her on-screen sister, Abi.

Even though Lauren’s episode’s storyline is over, her character’s legacy continues. She became a lovable and relatable character due to her addiction, family issues, and self-discovery struggles.

Despite leaving EastEnders, Jacqueline Jossa continues to succeed in her career because it gave her access to new opportunities.

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