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Why Did Steven Adler Leave Guns N’ Roses?

Why Did Steven Adler Leave Guns N' Roses?
Why Did Steven Adler Leave Guns N' Roses (Credits: @realstevenadler/Instagram)

Are you curious to know who Steven Adler is and why did he leave Guns N’ Roses? Steven Adler was the founding member of a top-rated band, Guns N’ Roses, in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was a professional drummer in the group and started getting recognized due to his talent and hard work.

However, Steven Adler was with the band for a very short period. 1n 1990, he was fired due to his drug addiction and harsh behavior. Keep reading to know why did Steven Adler leave Guns N’ Roses.

Adler’s Addiction and Firing

What impact did Adler’s addiction have on his bandmate’s performance? In an interview with Loudwire, Adler agreed that drug addiction was one of the main factors leading to his removal from Guns N’ Roses.

He struggled with heroin addiction, which impacted his performance and strained relations with the other band members.

Steven Adler before he leave the Guns N' Roses

Steven Adler before he leaves Guns N’ Roses (Credits: @realstevenadler/Instagram)

Adler also stated that the band gave him an ultimatum: quit drugs or leave the group. Adler did make an effort to discontinue using heroin. Still, he was ultimately fired due to his inability to keep up with the music due to the anti-opiates he was taking for his addiction.

Guns N’ Roses Lawsuit

How did Adler’s relationships with the band members change due to the lawsuit? After leaving the group, Adler filed a lawsuit against Guns N’ Roses, arguing that his dismissal was unreasonable.

Adler reportedly received a $2.25 million settlement after the case concluded, nevertheless, in an interview with VOI.ID, Adler admitted that he regretted bringing the lawsuit and wished he could have handled the situation differently.

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Condition for Rejoining the Band

Why couldn’t Adler sober up and rejoin Guns N’ Roses? Adler continued to support Guns N’ Roses despite being fired by the band and even expressed a desire to rejoin them. According to Adler’s brother Jamie in an interview with Rock celebrities, Guns N’ Roses had a condition for

Adler to rejoin the group: he had to get sober. Jamie claims that before Rock and Rio, the band called Adler and told him, “Hey, if you want to play real with us, you just gotta get sober.

You just gotta clean up your act.”. Despite being given a chance, Adler could not overcome his addictions and ended up not joining the band again.

Steven Adler with his bandmates before his dismissal from Guns N' Roses

Steven Adler with his bandmates before his dismissal from Guns N’ Roses (Credits: @realstevenadler/Instagram)

Adler Regret for His Drug Use

How did Adler’s addiction impact his relationships with other people in his life and his bandmates? In an interview with OtakuKart, Adler expressed regret for his drug use and how it affected his time with Guns N’ Roses.

He confessed that his addiction caused harm to those around him, including his bandmates, and was a selfish act. Adler also wanted to apologize for his actions and encourage those facing addiction.

A New Chapter of Steven Adler’s Life

Steven Adler’s departure from Guns N’ Roses was due to his drug use and its impact on his performance. He wanted to get back in the band, but his addiction prevented him from doing so, and he lost his position. He has also used his experience to motivate those struggling with addiction.

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