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Why Did Peter Beale Leave Eastenders? Reasons Explained

Peter Baele played by Hudson exits the series after being betrayed.
Peter Baele (Credit: Heart Radio)

A well-performing British Television show that was broadcasted on BBC One, ‘EastEnders,’ has quite a popularity to date. The show captures the daily lives of common people.

An important character of the show – Peter Baele, seems to be exiting the show. Why did he do that? And what was conveyed in the show that justified that? Let us learn about it.

What made Peter leave EastEnders?

Peter Beale was betrayed by his own grandmother, and he felt that he did not have a sense of security and belongingness with her. But how did she actually betray? Yes! That’s quite a question.

Kathy betrays Peter by lying to the police to get Ben out of their custody for Peter’s assault. Peter could not digest this very fact and deemed it better to depart. Every moment in that house felt heavy on his chest, and he left, even after being chased by Kathy for a long distance.

Kathy and Peter Baele in the show.

Peter and Kathy (Credit: BBC)

But this was not all! Peter did not only leave but took all the capital amount in Kathy’s account with him without informing her. Literally, in Kathy’s words, he took ‘every single penny’ that she had.

Rocky tries calming her down, even after knowing that it is all in vain and there is hardly anything that can be done about it. The money was gone, and so was Peter. There was absolutely no clue as to where he might be and what he would do with that huge amount.

Speaking to a business advisor, she wanted to know if anything could be done to get her money back. However, nothing concrete came out of the conversation, save for the fact that only Peter could help her in this situation voluntarily.

Behind the Screen: The Actual Reason

Besides what was shown on the screen, there were things going on that impacted the show and all of its crew and cast. It was nothing else but the advent of a new executive producer – Chris Clenshaw.

Chris brought with him a few changes in the set, the storyline, and the characters, removing them from the plot itself! It was nothing new in the world of television, as new producers make such moves very often.

However, the viewers and fans took their time digesting the fact that their favorite, Peter Baele, is gone. It wasn’t out of any personal grudge against the actor, but due to the need of the plot and the script that was about to unfold in the upcoming episodes.

Nevertheless, Peter Baele’s moving out of the square was an unbidden and unexpected twist in the story that the fans were not ready for.

Going on since 1985, ‘EastEnders’ has a huge fan base who closely follow the story and are familiar with all the characters. Beale’s departure sure threw them off, and they wanted nothing but him to be back.

However, how could he have stayed after what Kathy did? Or rather, after what was decided by Chris? In both cases, it is evident Hudson did justice to his character Baele throughout his stay in the show.

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