Kilian Kerner Partner: Who is He?

German fashion designer Kilian Kerner in a long-term relationship with Parick.
Kilian Kerner (Caption: Promiflash)

A huge name in the German fashion industry – Kilian Kerner is known for his exceptionally vibrant and great fashion pieces and designs.

But that is not only what intrigues his fans and people all across the world. He has also been in a long-term relationship with his boyfriend, Patrick Scholz, that gained attention time and time.

Who is Kilian Kerner dating?

Kilian Kerner is best known for his exceptional designs and fashion creations. Particularly in Germany, he is widely loved and hailed. But one thing is common between him and the other famous personalities.

That is the interest of people in their daily and personal lives. There is no way that you can keep people away from your personal stuff if you are in a public position or are known by the masses.

The same happened with Kerner, who could not keep his dating life a secret from the people who followed him on social media and in real life.

Digging in further, it came to the surface that the great designer is dating his long-term boyfriend, Patrick Scholz. Patrick works as a make-up artist and hairstylist and has known Kerner for a long time now.

Posting on social platforms, he was seen to be creating looks with his partner, making everyone go gaga over them. The couple doesn’t shy away from portraying who they really are but prefers keeping the private details to themselves.

Talking about his sexuality, yes, he has faced a lot of criticism on a global level. Some people questioned his manliness, while others claimed it to be a publicity stunt.

However, Kerner was always firm and bold about it and called himself ‘gay’ out loud. He also believes in accepting one’s sexuality, irrespective of what the world has to say to them. Because according to him, the ones who love you will always support you in the end.

Kerner’s life as a designer

Life takes unexpected turns for everyone, not making us understand what is going to happen until it really does. Nothing different happened with Kilian Kerner when he stepped out of his home to become an actor. He was a full-time acting student in Cologne in the year 2001.

However, something in him changed later on. This change made him go deeper and deeper into the realm of fashion and glam. Although he was still continuing with his acting training in Berlin, he knew what he wanted to do in life.

Kilian Kerner in a fashion show.
Kerner in a fashion show (Credit: BZ Berlin)

The designs he made for friends and other people soon started getting attention and made him known for his skills. His career got a boost in the year 2004, and he started doing exceptionally well for an untrained fashion designer.

Kilian Kerner is the owner of the label ‘Kilian Kerner’ and has crafted some of the finest designs in the world of fashion.

His journey from trying to become an actor to becoming a successful designer became a hugely inspirational story to everyone who learned about it. Now, he is a full-time designer in Germany and is living happily with his partner Patrick.