Is Sophie Ridge Leaving Sky: All Doubts Cleared

Is Sophie Ridge Leaving Sky
Sophie Ridge (Credits: New Statesman)

Suppose you are also addicted to listening to the news, especially the sky news. Then there is urgent news for you, the famous broadcast journalist, Sophy Ridge of sky news, is leaving the show. And that’s why you will going to miss her voice and the information that she shares every Sunday.

However, the journalist will leave the show after her last episode on “Ridge on Sunday.” And despite her, Trevor Phillips will be doing the broadcasting on Sunday mornings. Moreover, it has also come to know that after leaving the show. Sophie will be broadcasting her new episodes from September onwards.

The journalist is famous all over the media due to her excellent way of information sharing. And just because of this, she was offered to work in Sky News as a journalist who broadcasts different news. People were so much crazy about her show that they eagerly waited to watch her show every Sunday.

That’s why she always tries to share the news, which is mostly unknown to the people. So that she can help people to know about the latest information and news, her appearance has always been a spotlight for the people. As she always addresses them with the right information.

So in this article, we will be discussing her lifestyle, success, and when she will be leaving the show. And if you find yourself interested in it, then go through the article to completely understand her.

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Is Sophie Ridge Leaving Sky

As per the latest news, it has come to know that Sophie will go to end up his show soon. And the next Sunday, she will be doing her last show on ” Ridge on Sunday.” After that, she will be starting her new show from September onwards.

Which she is currently planning, and after she is done with all the things. She will definitely, share the official date of release of her show. Moreover, Sophie has also thought about releasing her show later on if her new show, which she is planning, got rise in popularity.

Is Sophie Ridge Leaving Sky
Sophie Ridge (Credits: Sky Group)

It has also come to know that the journalist can also participate in different ongoing and popular shows. But till now, it is a mystery, and it depends upon Sophie if she would go for his own. Or work with someone else, but one thing is sure everyone who has been watching her.

Every Sunday will literally, miss her as she has entertained everyone for six years. However, she officially stated to everyone that she was just switching on to another show. So you do not need to worry about that, as she will always be there to entertain you.

Sophie Ridge Success & Lifestyle

Sophie Ridge is not only known for her lavish life but also for her unmatchable success, which she gained at a very young age with her true determination and hard work. Sophie had always struggled to pursue her dream but sometimes due to some financial problems.

She started getting demotivated, but her family was so supportive of her that they never let her know about their pain. And always encouraged them to follow her passion with true determination. That’s the reason she is now one of the most famous and richest journalists in the industry.

Moreover, Sophie is currently ranked as one of the most loved journalists by the people. As she never discriminates against people, whether it would be poor or rich. She doesn’t hesitate to meet anyone, despite being so much rich and successful.

Sophie Ridge Success & Lifestyle
Sophie Ridge (Credits: Sky News)

Sophie lives a high-class life in her villa, which is built near the wine wood hills. Her villa is completely furnished with wood and fine marble, which gives her interior an interesting and appealing look. Sophie has also customized her villa like a small island.

As it contains some small fountains on the corners of the villa. Which increases the beauty of her villa and also provides a peaceful environment. Her villa also has a big garden area where she has planted different fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

Apart from this, Sophie also has a rare collection of watches. From Titan to Rolex, she had a bunch of watches, which are expected to be around $21 million.

Sophie also has a mindblowing car collection, including some vintage and one sports car. Moreover, her villa, which she recently bought cost her around $32 million. It was actually around $25 million, but as he made some interior changes, the price got increased.