What Happened To Fred Hurt? Everything You Need To Know.

What Happened to Fred Hurt?
Fred Hurt (Credits: Distractify)

If you are a crazy fan of the show Gold Rush, which is shown on Discovery channel, then you must have been knowing about Fred Hurt. He is one of the most famous gold miners in the show and, in real life, also has a vast experience in it.

Fred has always entertained the media with his unbelievable techniques and multiple skills. This not only increased his audience growth, but he also gained huge respect among the people. However, Hurt was many times spotted going for some surgeries during the time of the shoot.

But his team members and his family didn’t tell anyone about it. So the people were unknown about what disease or infection he was going through. But later on, on the 11th of July 2023, Fred Hurt, who was 80 years old at that time got passed away due to brain cancer.

It was a shocking moment for the media, his team members & his channel. As he was one of the most loved and most viewed people on the Discovery channel. And due to this urgent news, everyone was shocked as he was one of the most finest and fit people on the shoot of his age.

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What Happened To Fred Hurt?

As per recent reports, it has been confirmed that the main character of the show Gold Rush Fred Hurt, who turned 80 years old this year, is no more. His family and the doctors claimed that the star died due to brain cancer. But how it happened?

It is still a big mystery, and that’s why the investigation department has taken charge. To know about the root cause behind his death. However, on the other hand, his fans are still not believing that his best star is not there with them anymore.

What Happened To Fred Hurt?
Fred Hurt (Credits: The Economic Times)

Moreover, his team members were also very sad as they had lost one of the most unique members of their team through which their show got this achievement. Fred not only works on the show, but sometimes he also used to share his experience of mining with them.

These were the best moments. Everyone on his team still remembers how much they were interested whenever he talked about his different journeys. The directors of the show also stated that he has a very grounded personality. And just because of his personality, he was always loved by the media and his team members.

Fred Hurt Career & Net Worth

As per the latest information, Fred Hurt has a Net Worth of around $6 million. Which was just 50% of what he earned from his business. Hurt previously had his plant where he and his team members worked for the mining of gold. At that time, Hurt earned a huge profit from his business and decided to spread his business.

Throughout that area, but failed as he faced huge competition from other mining plants. So to stay away from it, he decided to be in its locality only. And to continue his profit ratio, he started mining in those areas where some previous research had not been done.

Especially near old houses or bungalows. As most of the time, gold is found there only so to save time and energy. They are planning on it, and also on some other ideas which will give them a huge profit and will boost their income and growth.

Apart from his Net Worth, the star also has an interesting career history. In the beginning, Fred was not economically feasible to start his own business. So he first started working in different mines where gold was excavated. And later on, when he learned about all the skills and techniques required for mining gold.

Fred Hurt Career & Net Worth
Fred Hurt (Credits: Grunge)

Then he decided to start his own business, mining gold through a small plant. After some time, he was selected by the discovery channel, where he was paid for doing the same thing that he was doing. But it would be more like an act, not reality. That’s why he was advised to act more than work himself.

So when he worked on his first show he showed the reality of how he worked. But not show the complete process, as it was not allowed. And finally, his show got hit, which attracted the audience to his show.