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Why did Deadpool kill the Marvel Universe? Everything You Need To Know

Deadpool kills the Marvel characters..
Deadpool kills the Marvel characters, breaking the fourth wall. (Credits: Mundo Deportivo)

Wade Wilson seems to be on a killing spree in the comic – “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.” Presenting an alternative perspective, he is seen to be killing all the characters of the Marvel Universe.

Creating a sensation among the readers really got them hooked. Why did he do that? What made him capable enough, or rather wild enough, to build up the guts for actually doing that? Let us know!

Did Deadpool really kill all the Marvel characters?

Deadpool was a simple character with no personal grudges against any character. No one was particularly pinching him in the eye. But then the question arises: Why did he do it all? Relax! He did not.

It wasn’t intertwined with the Marvel storyline, but an alternative perspective as to what would happen if he kills them all and breaks the fourth wall.

He then enters the conference room filled with the authors discussing the storylines and plots of Marvel. Announcing his plan of killing all the Marvel characters, he leaves the writers as well as the readers in awe. No one was expecting such a turn in the comic as they got.

Cover of 'Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe'.

Cover of ‘Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.’ (Credits: Amino Apps)

Deadpool does kill them in an alternative perspective of the storyline if he breaks the fourth wall. His intention was never to hurt the characters but the storyline.

He was tired of this puppetry and was trying to end it for all the characters. Deadpool did not like how the characters did not have a say in whatever they had to do in life and what decisions they made.

In other words, he wanted to liberate them and break all the shackles. It frustrated him to simply follow what the writer wrote for them to do, willingly or unwillingly.

How did it all start?

Deadpool or Wade Wilson was not easy to manipulate or influence. However, the Psycho-Man brainwashed and manipulated him into believing what he really had to say.

The sole intention behind this whole act was to create an army of strong killers who are at his beck and call and are willing to attack whenever he wants them to. His killing spree didn’t feel like really killing someone and taking a life. He didn’t attach much importance to it.

Do you think this is the first time Deadpool has tried to kill all the Marvel characters? If so, you are wrong. There has been another instance in “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again ”, where he kills the Marvel characters.

This time too, it was neither his decision nor his plan to cause all this bloodshed. But, manipulated by Red Skull and Doctor Doom, he could not help himself and started materializing his mission.

Deadpool is a loved character in the comic world that has gained much popularity in the present times after its movie adaptations starring Ryan Reynolds. However, it is not the only reason! The storyline and the characters are catchy and hooky enough to not let the readers keep the book down.

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