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Jason Aldean’s ‘Try that in a small town’ controversy: Jason accused of promoting violence and racism

Jason Aldean's 'Try that in a small town' creates a buzz.
'Try that in a small town' by Jason Aldean creates a controversy. (Credits: Axios)

American country music singer – Jason Aldean has been active since the year 1998. Given all these years in the music industry, he does have a sense of how to bring the best out of a concept.

However, recently his song ‘Try That in a small town’ has been in the headlines and has created controversy around his name. The song is set in downtown Columbia and also shows some glimpses of the ‘Black Lives Matter protests.

What was Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That in a small town’ controversy about?

It is not just the lyrics of the song but also it is setting and the videography that is about some of the most controversial things in America. You must be aware of the ‘Black Lives Matter protests and campaigns that took place in the United States with zeal and energy.

Reports have it that 15 to 26 million people in America participated in these protests and were raising their voices against violence and atrocities being committed against black people.

The protests for the black lives.

The ‘Black Lives Matter protests blazing up in all of the US after the Minneapolis death tragedy (Credits: The Guardian)

When Jason released a song with clips from some of these protests and robberies, it took the nation by storm. Some people got agitated, whereas others supported his courage for bringing out what was not talked about and largely suppressed.

As Jason already identifies himself as a ‘conservative,’ people gave no second thought to their assumptions and started blaming him for promoting the divide between the black and the white.

Another important thing was the video had glimpses of the courthouse in Columbia, where an 18-year-old black boy, Henry Choate, was lynched.

Also, in some places, the lyrics are quite strong. Sometimes they have been seen promoting keeping a gun – “Got a gun that my grandad gave me / They say one day they’re going to round up.”

The other times, it talks about the country boys who are “raised upright.” People said that it was very racist of him to come up with a song with such lyrics.

‘Try that in a small town’: defense and support.

People mocked Aldean after this song, as he mentions country boys in it, without himself hailing from one. Defending his side, he mentions that all the clips used are real, and he did not write lyrics that are against a particular race. He also says that people are free to make their own interpretations, but this one went “too far.”

Cody Johnson is seen supporting Aldean’s song and his defensive views. Even after CMT took down the video, the song did not leave the headlines. As famous a singer as Jason Aldean is, he is sure to create a sensation with his songs.

The critics were biting sharp in saying that the song promotes violence and racism. Not only this, but it creates a rift between the people from cities and the people from rural areas.

Even after being in such a holding controversy, Aldean’s song stayed at the top of the charts. As much criticism as it has received, it has also received acceptance and love. Some people really loved his initiative to come up with such an energetic and original piece of work.

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