Miranda Lambert Concert Controversy: The Singer Calls for Concertgoers’ Etiquettes

Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert (Credits: KTVZ)

Every art requires attention as well as respect from the people who are present to appreciate it. Defying that is openly disrespecting the artists and their art. Miranda Lambert did nothing but recently pointed it out.

Agitated by some fans who were constantly immersed in clicking their own selfies rather than being actually present in the concert, Miranda Lambert got vocal about this problem, creating a controversy. But was it a positive one, or atleast a positive one in the eyes of the fans? Let’s find out.

What was Miranda Lambert’s concert controversy about?

Miranda Leigh Lambert is a popular American country singer who is largely known for her best works like ‘Drunk,’ ‘Mama’s broken heart,’ ‘Hell on Heels,’ ‘Bluebird,’ and many more.

Recently the singer was seen to be making headlines for her agitated behavior towards fans’ ‘not so decent’ actions. During a concert, later on, she stops in the middle to point out to a fan supporting her stand on this matter. Her T-shirt read, “Shoot tequila, not selfies.”

Miranda Lambert infuriated by fast behaviour.
The American country singer Miranda Lambert was infuriated by two fans clicking selfies in the middle of the concert (Credits: People)

Although many concerts take place around the world, and the singers come to the stage and walk back home unconcerned about what happens behind or beyond the stage, Lambert is very particular about what bugs her.

And her fan supporting her was another boost that people could not help but notice. On 15th July, she had to stop her concert midway to point out two girls who were behind this entire scene clicking their own selfies.

Adela Calin was not particularly happy about being pointed out along with her group in the middle of the concert by the celebrity they paid to watch.

Why did Miranda Lambert’s concert controversy blaze up so fast?

One possible reason that can be stated is that the celebrity is quite famous in the world, particularly in the United States, which quickly grabbed the attention of people and her fans towards any situation that involved her.

However, the most practical reason is that it is not the first time that it has happened to any star, and they have been vocal about it. Many concertgoers often misbehave or break the code of conduct in their own fit of enthusiasm.

There have been instances where objects are hurled at the singers, or they are loudly spoken to by a person or a group in the crowd. Adele has been vocal about things thrown at her in the middle of the concert.

” I dare you, dare you to throw something at me,” the singer said. We all remember the stance when Bebe Rexha was hit with a phone by a fan! It surely made headlines.

Much chaos was caused after Lambert got provoked by the fans enjoying themselves in their own way. Many people got up and left the concert immediately after the incident.

Although the conduct was not appropriate when seen from the perspective of a singer performing her song, the fans surely got disheartened by her behavior.