What Happened to Liza Koshy 2023: The Former YouTube Face Stops Posting, Leaving Fans Seeking for Answers

Liza Koshy stops posting to devote herself to her acting career.
Liza Koshy gains popularity as an actor, after devoting herself to acting, (Credits: People)

Liza Koshy is an American celebrity who started her career in 2013 on the social media platform – Vine. Widely loved for her humor, she quickly gained 5 million followers and was a junior celebrity.

Later on, shifting to the YouTube platform, she quickly created a family of more than 17 million followers. But all of a sudden, to the surprise of her fans, she stopped posting on her platform, leaving her fans seeking answers as to what happened that pushed her away from what she used to do as a YouTube creator.

What happened to Liza Koshy when she stopped posting on YouTube?

Liza Koshy was such a personality that no one could say she was not entertaining enough to maintain her 17 million family on YouTube. People from all parts of the world used to watch and appreciate her work.

Then what happened abruptly, that she dropped all of it, and no posts came from her end on her platform? We have answers to your queries! 

As loved as Liza was as a YouTube content creator, she was passionate about acting on a large screen. She was an amazing actor and wanted to let this side of her come on the screen in front of all her viewers to see.

To devote herself to the field of acting, she dropped the work of posting her works on YouTube and started being more focused on her acting. After her being as a character – Aday Walker in ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’, her craze grew even more. Soon she signed more acting projects and began working on them.

Scene from the movie - 'Boo! A Madea Halloween'.
A scene from ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’ starring Liza Koshy. (Credits: Alternate Ending)

The beloved content creator Liza Koshy performed the role of Violet Adams in ‘Freakish,’ which was a Hulu drama series. This role kept her occupied between 2016 and 2017, adding to her existing fame on the internet.

Her dreams of becoming a full-time professional actor seem to have achieved their completion. As much love as people show towards her content on social media platforms, they are adoring her characters in drama series and movies.

What happened to Liza Koshy: Her journey till 2023

Loved for her amazing humor, comic skills, and charm, Liza has bagged many awards in her journey to the present. Guess what? She has won some of the awards more than once!

At present, she holds four Teen Choice Awards, four Streamy Awards, and a Kid’s Choice Award. There are not just awards that we can associate Liza’s name with. She has really ruled hearts during her journey as an actor and a content creator.

Post the shutting of Vine in the year 2017, and Liza switched to YouTube to upload her content. It helped her grow her online family that stood by her through all the ups and downs.

The biggest success and the breakthrough of her career were – ‘Liza on Demand,’ a YouTube premium comedy series. All of it led to her securing a role in the Netflix series – ‘Work It’ and ‘Bo Burnham: Inside.’

Liza Koshy is a talented celebrity who began from scratch and made herself a huge name in the acting industry. Undoubtedly, her humor and skills are like no one else’s!