Jenna Lyons Partner: Everything You Need To Know

Picture of Jenna Lyons
Jenna Lyons (Credits: @jennalyonsnyc/Instagram)

Are you curious to know who is Jenna Lyons’s partner and how their relationship came to light? Before jumping into the topic, let us learn who Jenna Lyons is, his personal life, and his career.

If not earlier, you might have recently heard about Jenna Lyons. Well, Jenna Lyons is a famous fashion designer. She has also previously worked as a J.Crew executive. We all know about this talented personality since she joined the “The Real Housewives of New York City” (RHONY) cast in 2023.

After her role on the RHONY, you and several other fans would be curious about Jenny Lyons’s personal life. Keep reading to learn more about Jenny Lyons’s personal life, career, and relationship status.

Jenna Lyons’ Partner: Who is Cass Bird

So, you might wonder who is Jenny Lyons’ partner in 2023. Let me introduce you to Cass Bird, who is the current partner of Jenna Lyons. Cass Bird is a 49-year-old personality best known for his work in photography.

Are Cass Bird and Jenna Lyons currently dating?
Are Cass Bird and Jenna Lyons currently dating? (Credits: @jennalyonsnyc/Instagram)

You would cherish that she has worked with celebrities such as Jenna Ortega and Hailey Bieber. Well, when did Jenna and Cass start dating? According to several reports, Janna and Cass began dating in 2022 and have been together ever since.

Why Jenna Won’t Show Her Girlfriend on RHONY

Have you ever thought about why Jenna didn’t show Cass on RHONY? In an interview with People, Jenna stated that she wants to separate her personal and professional lives. She commented, “I don’t want to share my relationship on TV. I don’t want to share that part of my life. It’s important for me to keep something for myself.”

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Jenna’s Relationship with Courtney Crangi

Are you wondering who was Jenna’s partner before she met Cass Bird? Well, Jenna Lyons’ ex-girlfriend was Courtney Crangi. After a robust relationship of six years, Jenna and Courtney separated in 2017.

It was even said that both of them had engaged at one point. However, that was just a rumor, and both moved on individually to focus on their careers and personal lives.

Jenna’s Past Marriage

Who is Jenna Lyon’s husband, and when did the couple marry? In 2002, Jenna married Vincent Mazeau, an artist by profession. After four years of relationship, the couple gave birth to their child named Beckett. However, in 2011, the couple decided to divorce and eventually separated.

Now, the question which might render in your mind is why the couple separated after a strong relationship of 9 years. Well, Jenna admitted that she had been having issues with her sexuality during an interview with The Cut.

Jenna Lyons and Courtney Crangi
Jenna Lyons and Courtney Crangi (Credits: @jennalyonsnyc/Instagram)

Jenna’s Career: J.Crew and Startup

Talking about her career, Jenna has worked for over two decades at J.Crew. Jenna developed an image for her unique style at J.Crew, which integrated both traditional and contemporary elements. She also started fruitful collaborations with other fashion designers, including the well-known J.Crew and New Balance collaboration.

Being a fan of Jenna, haven’t you heard of Lyons L.A.D.? In 2017, Jenna officially left J.Crew to launch her fashion and lifestyle startup, Lyons L.A.D. The company’s product line includes home goods, cosmetics, apparel, footwear, and accessories. Women would be happy to know that Jenna wanted to build a firm that was “accessible to all women, fun, and inclusive.”

Wishing Jenna the Best of Luck For Her Future

Jenna has chosen to keep her current relationship a secret, despite being open about her sexuality and previous relationships with women. However, we, as followers of Jenna, should respect her privacy.

In the upcoming years, we, along with other fans, will follow Jenna’s professional and personal life and admire her for her work. We wish Jenna the

best of luck for her upcoming journey. You can follow Jenna Lyons on her social media account for more updates.

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