Why did Taylor Momsen Leave Gossip Girl: All You Need to Know

Momsen leaves the show to build a music career.
Taylor Momsen leaves 'Gossip Girl' to devote her complete time to 'The Pretty Reckless'. (Credits: Rock Celebrities)

A successful American Drama series – “Gossip Girl,” was performing really well and had six seasons in total. Starring Blake Lively, Ed Westwick, Taylor Momsen, Blair Waldorf, and many more, it was a complete and massive hit.

Taylor Momsen performing ‘Jenny Humphrey’ was very much loved initially. However, soon her craze began to fade as she appeared inactive and popped up less on the screen. Later on, she left the show as well.

Was it her own decision to simply part ways with the show, or was it the team behind the show that did not find her quite zealous and perfect anymore? We have all your answers!

Why did Taylor Momsen ‘really’ leave Gossip Girl?

Gossip Girl was a beloved American drama show that people loved to watch. There’s no thinking twice about why it has six seasons! Having many members in the cast, it was a packed team with multiple people working in front of and behind the screen to keep the wheels moving.

One such member in front of the screen was none other than the American singer and actress – Taylor Momsen. Known for her modeling skills and her acting, she bagged the role of Jenny in ‘Gossip Girl.’

Momsen leaves Gossip Girl, leaving people speculating.
The ‘Gossip Girl’ cast in an event. (Credits: Us Weekly)

Initially, her scenes on the screen started getting reduced. People could not understand why she was not being active the way she used to be. Slowly and gradually, it was revealed to them that she is leaving the show to devote her full attention and time to her music.

She wanted to be well-focused when it came to her band, ‘The Pretty Reckless.’ No doubt she had great music skills, but her sudden disappearance from the screen sure did dishearten her fans.

Taylor Momsen leaving Gossip Girl: Speculations and opinions

It just didn’t go down the throat for many people when Momsen abruptly left the show to build up a stronger music career. Taking bits and pieces from her life during the show, conclusions were derived from the media as well as the people who watched her. There is no concrete proof to call them valid, but they still might carry some truth.

While Tim Gunn made his guest appearance in the show, things didn’t go well for Momsen. Apparently, according to Gunn, Momsen was extremely forgetful of her dialogues, even when the ones that she had were few.

Pinching a little more, he expressed his sarcasm about her being constantly on her ‘BlackBerry.’ He ended his conversation with the cold words – “She annoyed the entire crew.”

This was more than enough for any actor to be publicly defamed. But it wasn’t just him! Even the show executives were cold on this matter and said that she wasn’t the only one pursuing a solo music career and that her music was “not ready yet.”

Her leaving the show, there might be a giant role in all these incidents, but apparently, she largely left the show because she wanted her band to come out shining. Showing courage, she never backed out of her decision and left a blooming acting career to fulfill her passion.