Why did Jonathan Adams Leave ‘Bones’? Reasons Explained

Jonathan Adams leaves 'Bones' after Tamara Taylor takes up his position.
Jonathan Adams' 'sabbatical' turns into a permanent departure from 'Bones' as Tamara Taylor fills his shoes. (Credits: Tribune Review)

Popular and beloved American actor Jonathan Adams has been a part of some of the best-performing movies and series. ‘Rough Stuff,’ ‘The Sweetest Christmas,’ ‘Bones,’ and many more are the works that he is chiefly remembered for.

However, his work on ‘Bones’ was exceptionally praised and acknowledged. Playing the character of Daniel Goodman, Jonathan really ruled hearts. It felt as if he was made to fit in the shoes of the character designed by the writers. But something happened, and he parted ways with the show. The confused fans couldn’t help but speculate. Why did he leave the show? Let us learn!

Reasons why Jonathan Adams left ‘Bones.’

The answer is ‘No,’ he didn’t. It was not his own decision to make an exit and never return. You heard it right! Jonathan Adams was on a ‘sabbatical’ after season 1 of the show ended. It was a successful season, and all the actors were taking some time to relax. Adams thought of having a ‘sabbatical’ leave, and so he did.

However, the show makers and the team found Tamara Taylor while he was away. They found her a better and more energetic fit for the role of Dr. Saroyan, who now led the Jeffersonian.

She was both zealous about her role and very well-connected with the team of ‘Bones. She was quite young but was a compatible person to work with. Soon Dr. Goodman was replaced by Dr. Saroyan, and the ‘sabbatical’ for Jonathan turned into a permanent departure.

Tamara Taylor replacing Jonathan Adams.
Tamara Taylor replaces Jonathan Adams in the show ‘Bones.’ (Credits: TV Insider)

The ardent fans of Jonathan were reluctant to accept this change but adapted to it as Taylor was giving her best shot to stay firm in her shoes. However, as talented an actor as he was, things didn’t really happen well with him.

But as a viewer of shows and movies, we must know that it is the requirement of the makers and producers of the show to keep up with the needs of the script and to do justice to every character and its demands. Also, the actors have to go through this and often make decisions to depart from a particular show so as to explore their own selves better.

Jonathan Adams no more a part of 'Bones'.
Poster of the show ‘Bones.’ (Credits: TV Insider)

Jonathan Adams Leaving ‘Bones’: The Response and Results

Although no longer active at present, ‘Bones’ was a procedural that ran around the themes of gore and suspense and was considered as one of the best shows on network television.

Produced by Fox, it had many actors in its casting and first made its appearance in the year 2005. Running successfully, it has had 12 seasons to its name.

One of the most prominent characters in the show – Dr. Goodman, bid adieu to the show just after the first season. The viewers were baffled at this situation, as he was the director of the Jeffersonian.

This is where the bulk of lab work was performed in the show. Leaving any actor performing a short or a trivial role is still not a big shock to the viewers, as is the departure of a prominent figure.

People remember him as a great actor in the series who sure had his own reasons for not continuing as a part of the show anymore. One of the senior actors on the set, he was loved by all and is still remembered by his fans for the role of Dr. Goodman.