What Happened to Bill Geddie? Reasons Explained

Bill Geddie dies at 68 at his home.
The co-producer of 'The View' Bill Geddie dies at 68 due to a cardiac issue. (Credits: Marca)

A big name in the world of American television production – William Fredrick Geddie is known to be the co-creator of ‘The View.’ Not only was he a good producer, but he has also delved into the art of song and movie writing.

Bill Geddie had been in the industry for decades and used his complete potential to stay firm on the ground and to be the best. His way of working and his out-of-the-box thinking helped him greatly excel in the industry. But what happened to the Texas-born producer recently? This article holds all your answers!

What happened to Bill Geddie: The producer dies at 68 in Rancho Mirage

There has been great confusion recently as to what happened to Bill Geddie. Here is sad news coming your way. The co-creator of ‘The View’ passed away on 20th July 2023 at his home in Rancho Mirage.

Although no serious health issues have been reported on his behalf or by his family, it is quite possible that an illness might have gone unnoticed.

However, the reasons behind his death are stated to be something related to his heart. No medical reports have been received stating an obvious or prominent reason, but it was surely cardiac.

He was a true gentleman and was not only loved on the screen. As big a hero as he was on the screen and in the industry, he was an even bigger ideal at his home, whom his family completely adored. We can get an idea about it from the fact that his family called him ” ‘bigger than life’ husband and dad.”

Geddie began his career in Oklahoma City while working for KOKO – TV, working later on as a producer for WKYC – TV.

His work in his initial years helped him build a strong foundation for years to come and played a great role in helping him hone his professional skills. His image in this field and his exceptional work got him to be working as a producer with PM Magazine.

Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie behind ‘The View’

It was this duo that brought ‘The View’ into being and made it a massive success. Geddie’s ‘genuine love for television,’ as his family mentioned, was extreme, and he tried taking up almost everything to be the best out there.

From recording podcasts to screenwriting, writing songs, and playing guitar, he did it all. With the support and assistance of Barbara Walters, the co-creator of ‘The View,’ which was a successful talk show, could touch the skies.

Bill Geddie and Walters produced 'The View'.
Bill Geddie and Walters posing together. (Credits: People)

Walters and Geddie were really close to one another, and their bonding can prominently be seen in the work they did together. They both were, individually and additively, really figures of great talent. Geddie’s skills do not stop here! He even wrote a sci-fi movie ‘Unforgettable.’

Geddie won the Emmy award four times and had several other awards and achievements under his name. He even received the Lifetime Achievement Award in the year 2012.

As genuine and warm a person as Geddie was, he was sure to touch heights in his life. His work relationship with Walters was ideal for the people in the industry. Even after his demise, Geddie continues to live in our hearts. The man surely ‘lived by example,’ as his family said.