When did Travis Scott and Rihanna Start Dating?

Travis Scott and Rihanna began dating in 2015.
Travis Scott and Rihanna came into a secret relationship in 2015. (Credits: The Mirror)

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been an inseparable couple and have actively seen being together. Their relationship was not kept from the eyes of the people, and people knew all about it. They even have two children together.

Whereas on the other side, there are celebrities who do not think of making their relationship a public affair. They consider it a breach of privacy or an invasion, which is not healthy for their relationship, as everything they do has a public opinion and eye stuck to it. We will talk about one such couple in the article!

Travis Scott and Rihanna Dating: The timeline

The year Rihanna and Scott were together was not hidden from anyone, as they were prominently together. From visiting a tattoo parlor to having nights out and fashion week afterparties, the couple was always together. They were seen being happily with one another in 2015, post which not much has been spoken about them.

But people are always smart! They deduced that something was not right between the two. Although the two never publicized their ‘secret relationship,’ people knew that it had come to an end. They both were seen together no more. Moreover, Rihanna, the ‘Rude Boy’ singer, started dating Hassan Jameel in 2018.

Later on, in the year 2020, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna’s romance became very evident. The two had been in touch with each other since 2012 when they were performing “Cockiness (Love It)” at MTV Video Music Awards.

In the year 2013, they even did a music tour together. 2018 also witnessed the two being a part of the Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week. He even boldly spoke about his feelings for Rihanna in an interview in 2021, calling her the ‘love of his life.’

The feud between Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky after Scott and Rihanna dated

It seemed as if Rocky knew everything about Travis Scott and Rihanna’s dating history together. Since he was in a relationship with Rihanna and really felt for her, it was pretty obvious that this thing often bugged him.

Owing to this, he and Scott had a silent feud fuming between the two. Although neither one of them went public about it, the fans have always been smart enough to find the answers for themselves!

A$AP Rocky claims that Travis Scott has stolen his style.
Travis Scott is put into the spotlight after Rocky claims that Scott stole his style. (Credits: YouTube)

It was reported that Travis wasn’t okay with Rihanna’s wild ways and her constant partying. In other words, she became ‘too wild to handle’ for him, and the couple split. And his new boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, knew it all.

Rumors have it that he even wrote a song for Scott. Although it was nowhere mentioned, the lyrics point towards this only! “First you stole my flow / So I stole your bitch”, also “All due disrespect, I hope you take offense,” It was enough for fans to deduce that it was all about Scott.

Travis Scott and Kyline Jenner together.
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are together after his breakup with Rihanna. (Credits: Entertainment Tonight)

Rihanna and Travis are both doing great in their lives and had a great time together. Scott has two children – Stormie and Aire, with Kylie Jenner, since the two met in the year 2017. As a hot couple in the music industry, they sure were a hit, although never public.