Tom Brady’s Dating History: All You Need to Know!

Tom Brady had a long history of dating, including a Brazilian supermodel Gisele.
Tom Brady had a long history of dating, including some flings and some serious relationships. (Credits: Los Angeles Times)

Tom Brady has been quite a figure for all the football fans. Being a part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he was an excellent quarterback. But this is not what we are going to discuss today.

It was not just Brady’s game that kept him in his people’s span of attention. He has had multiple romantic relationships in his life, having children with two of them.

Marrying one of all the women he dated in his life, he even made the relationship run for more than a decade before it snapped. Who were the women he dated? Let’s find out.

Tom Brady’s dating history: Going through the years

The American NFL quarterback has had a long history of dating. Tom Brady had a short fling with Layla Roberts in 2002. Mind you that he was not the only influential person she was associated with! Yes, you got it right! Her name has also been associated with none other than Vin Diesel.

Later on, in the same year, he dated Tara Reid. Although the span of their relationship was short, she talked about it 12 years later in a show.

The above two relationships did not run long and can only be called flings. But the major ones are about to come your way! Tom Brady started dating Bridget Moynahan in the year 2004 when the couple parted ways with each other two years later in 2006.

While Brady was moving on and met the woman who was going to be his future wife, exploding news came to him. The ‘Sex and the City actress was expecting his baby, which she learned about two months after their break up. The things that followed were quite controversial and blazing for both of them, as well as his new girlfriend.

Tom Brady and wife Gisele part ways after a decade of their marriage.
Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen, part ways after more than a decade of their marriage. (Credits: CNBC)

Brady’s new girlfriend was Gisele Bundchen, who he planned to marry. They both met in 2006 and were going on happily with their lives when Moynahan’s pregnancy and its news were everywhere.

The storm the ‘pregnancy controversy’ brought for Brady and his partner

Tom Brady seemed to be pretty serious about his relationship with Gisele Bundchen, and the couple was about to get married. However, his ex-girlfriend came to know of her pregnancy after their break up, which she told Brady. Keeping it honest, he discussed it with Bundchen.

The newly-glued couple had a difficult time absorbing this fact and getting along with it. However, they both worked it out and got married in February 2009. But, after a decade of being together, they both amicably parted ways. The reason was something related to his un-retiring from the NFL.

Tom Brady and Erina Shauk together.
Tom Brady and Erina Shayk are seen together. (Credits: Men’s Journal)

Talking about very recent times, the player was seen in the month of July 2023 with Irina Shayk. The two allegedly spent the night together at his place in Los Angeles.

Not only did Brady have a happening football career, but a spiced-up love life as well. He was a soft and gentle person and was evidently devoted to his partners.

No news of confirmation regarding his bonds with Erina has been received, but we never know! They both are often seen together, which definitely hints at something being brewed.