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Simran Narula and Ishan Bagga Breakup: The Scandal Explored

Isha Bagga and Simran Bagga broke up after a recording went viral.
Simran Narula and Ishan Bagga break up after his recording with a girl went viral on the internet. (Credits: YouTube)

Belonging to the prominent Bagga family in the society in Punjab and being a part of a typical Punjabi family, Ishan was born and brought up in a cultural environment. However, his family was famous on the internet for being ‘influential,’ so they were pretty liberal.

He met Simran Narula on Tik Tok when it was not banned in India. Post that after some time, Simran and Ishan came into a relationship and soon got engaged in 2021. But what happened that the darling couple on the internet had to part ways? There is a big scandal coming your way!

Simran Narula and Ishan Bagga’s Relationship

Belonging to the same community of internet influencers, they instantly had a connection. Moreover, they both shared a similar cultural background which added fuel to the existing flaming situation. Ishan and Simran were close, but to make things easier for them, Ishan started getting familiar with Simran’s family.

He even made friends with Simran’s brother – Sam Narula, who was, later on, very close to him. Things went smoothly like this for a while when Simran found an opportunity and spoke to his family about his relationship with Ishan. Since the family already liked him, everyone except his father was ready to accept it.

Simran Narula shattered after Ishan's recording with a girl gets viral.

Simran Narula is a popular influencer known for making TikTok videos and has been in the headlines recently after her fianceé Ishan’s recording with a girl went viral. (Credits: MixIndia)

Soon enough, on the persuasion of the other family members, her father agreed to them getting married. Later on, in December 2021, Simran and Ishan got engaged in a very dazzling manner. It was a huge event, and many people attended it.

The reason why Simran and Ishan had to Breakup

Often did Simran’s friends and acquaintances tell her about Ishan’s infamous image. But, as she was in love and really believed in her partner, she hardly cared about these allegations.

But something terrible and unexpected happened that crashed her perspective about him. It was not an ex of Ishan walking up to her or any past-related post. But it was something so scandalous that it shook the lives of Simran and her family.

Recently, a call recording of Ishan with a girl has gone viral that contained a lot of explicit and sexual content. The recording contains Ishan’s confession to a girl about his own body count and his sexual brilliance.

Although the girl was discussing things from her end as well, people were not expecting such a thing from Ishan. He was already officially engaged to his partner Simran!

Things fell apart like fragile glass when it unleashed on her. The engagement between the two came to an end, shattering Simran like anything. It wasn’t about his past! Had it been, it would have still been a negotiable situation. But he was physically active with other girls while being engaged to his fiancée.

Some pieces of information also talk about Sam siding with Ishan even after everything that happened. But we don’t know to what extent it is true.

What we know is that things did not end on a good note, and a happy couple fell apart. It was heart-wrenching for the fans too, who were waiting for their favorite couple to get married.

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