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Japanese Man Dog Transformation Before and After: Who Spends 12 Lakhs to Become a Dog 

Japanese Man Dog
Japanese Man Dog Before and After photos (Credits: Mothership)

A Japanese man, who remains anonymous, spent $15700 on a lifelike, hyper-realistic dog costume to film dog videos. He wrote on his YouTube bio that Collie was his favorite breed and wanted to become one. In one viral video, he is seen eating dog food, but it is just a toy.

A viral video shows a woman taking Toco out in his costume and petted by the owner as he rolls on the floor. The other pets look at him, and some people think he is wearing a realistic costume, but some people are being obvious about the weirdness in the situation.

Japanese Man Dog

Japanese Man Dog (Credits: India Times)

YouTube Man Dog

One might assume that he is comfortable with millions of people watching him, but he says that he was reluctant in the very beginning to reveal his dream. He thought that people who make a laughing stock out of him, and he tamed n inferiority complex.

It took forty days for the costume to be created, but finally, the man became an animal. His YouTube channel had 33k Subscribers, and Toco plays with other dogs, plays fetch and the video was filmed by German TV Station RTL. He says that he got permission for the videos, and he was treated kindly.

Learn more about Japanese Man Dog, who spends 12 lakhs to become a dog.

Japanese Man Dog who spends 12 lakhs to become a dog

He even becomes a furball, and some dogs are even scared by the human dog. Japanese company Zeppet makes costumes for TV Commercials, and the specialization is in 3D models, body suits, movie sculptures, amusement, mascot characters, commercials, etc.

Modeled on a collie dog, the costume creates the appearance that a dog is walking on four legs, as stated by the company’s spokesperson. He acts like all other animals and has a leash around him.

He chose to be a dog because his hobbies were secret, especially to his work people. Because people think that he is weird, he can’t show his face. His childhood dream was to walk as a dog on the sidewalks.

Japanese Man Dog with Owner

Japanese Man Dog with Owner (Credits: Indian Express)

He doesn’t even tell his friends because he fears they might think he is weird. It is quite an ‘insane’ and ‘bizarre’ thing people have seen. The man Toco has a cage and posted a video on YouTube and is seen in a black cage and moving his paws before the lights are turned off.

He has head scratches, belly rubs, and long hair, so he doesn’t look like a human at all. He eats kibble and plays with stuffed animals. But sadly, some people shame him on Japanese social media platforms for his weird look.

He hears things like ‘you can’t convince me that it isn’t some weird sex thing’ and ‘spending 20000 dollars on a dog costume instead of therapy’. The man is sad that people call out on him while he plays peacefully in his kennel in the fake grass.

He likes cute animals and cosplay, and his video in his kennel in April 2022 has gotten 3.2 million views. This transformation is a secret among friends and family. He calls this a desire for transformation and childhood fantasy. His personal favorite is quadruped animals.

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