Who is Dove Cameron Dating in 2023? All You Need to Know About the “LazyBaby” Singer

Dove Cameron is single at present, after parting ways with Thomas Doherty.
Dove Cameron is not dating anyone at present, and is devoting herself to her career. (Credits: Outlook India)

The Daytime Emmy Award winner – Dove Cameron, is an American singer and actress known for her best music pieces – “LazyBoy,” “Boyfriend,” “Better in Stereo,” and many more. Some of the prominent movies and series she appeared in are – “Descendants,” “Liv and Maddie,” and others.

Being a fan, you must be updated about all her works, right? But do you know about the dating history of this young American singer? Often celebrities prefer to keep their love lives private, making it almost difficult for their fans to learn about it. But don’t worry! We have the answers to your curiosity!

Who is Dove Cameron dating as of 2023?

Dove Cameron is one of those industry stars who are zip-lipped about everything personal. People often get glimpses about what they must be up to in their internet posts and appearances, but some celebrities are conscious of that as well. You must have guessed it by now! We are talking about one such singer.

Although not much has been spoken by Dove about her relationships recently, it is true that she is NOT dating anyone at present. Yes, you heard it right. The “Boyfriend” singer is single right now and is taking her time in healing and building herself. It is a thing to wonder what made her so reticent about her love life to the media.

There is a possible explanation for this. We all know how bizarre public breakups can be. It gets all discomforting and absurd when such things happen publicly, impacting the image of the celebrity, as well as portraying them in a different light. Her past relationships have been public, but she has chosen to keep her space now. Who knows if this is the reason, if not something else!

Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty

Dove has been in a long and serious relationship with Ryan McCartan for four years. The relationship came to an end after something took place between the two. However, in the year 2016, Dove Cameron got engaged. She had married Thomas Doherty, and the two were living peacefully for a long time.

But the couple decided to part ways later on and divorced in October 2020. Although they had broken up long back, it was in April 2021 that Dove went strongly vocal about it.

Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty were together, after she parted ways with Ryan McCartan.
Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty were a popular couple who are now leading their lives separately. (Credits: Page Six)

Since then, there have been flying bits of rumors about her being together with one celebrity or the other. More than rumors, they are mere speculations that people have given birth to out of their own curiosity. However, the case is, the singer isn’t dating anyone at present and is devoting her complete attention to her career.

Loved for her characters in movies and series that she has done in her life, Dove was already widely loved by people. Her singing worked as a cherry on the cake that made her just adorable. And as you know, no popular celebrity and their love life goes unnoticed! Following the drill, Dove doesn’t stay out of light.