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What Happened to Lucie Blackman?

Lucie Blackman
Lucie Blackman (Credits: Glamour)

Serial Killers have been lurking everywhere- even decades after a long list of most dangerous serial killers of all time had been known to people for the first time.

Things clearly haven’t changed. People must be aware and have an understanding of serial killers because one might never know what threat follows them around.

Who was Joji Obara?

One such serial rapist was Korean Japanese Joji Obara whose shadows were seen in dangerous locations first in 1981. He is known to rape 150 to 400 women. He reportedly killed, drugged and raped Lucie Blackman, a British woman in October 2000.

Next the world had another news of rape and manslaughter of Carita Ridway, an Australian woman.
A demon was born 1955 in Tokyo who had sent chills down spines but yet he was released from prison, which had dangerously got him more engaged in sexual crimes.

One particular woman, Lucie Blackman had worldwide attention as the only woman assaulted by this man and given sufficient attention by the media. This lack of knowledge had made him more of a hellish criminal.

He was the most notorious criminal in history who stayed hidden in impossible to follow international locations. It was a complex thing to carry out an investigation to track him down.

Joji Obara

Joji Obara (Credits: Moviemaker)

It took one the world’s most difficult detective campaigns to finally track him down to the authorities. The world had been holding their breaths during this tracking and praying to capture this criminal for justice of hundreds of families.

Even though the court had plenty of evidence, the criminal was becoming painfully hard to get hold of. Currently he is serving prison for a lifetime in Tokyo detention Centre.

Despite being a gruesome criminal, he still dares to appeal for his conviction like most criminals, but clearly the authorities are not comfortable with the prospect of parole.

After such heinous crimes, there had been realization among the country people that there was a need for more law enforcement.

What Happened to Lucie Blackman?

Today the world will witness this crime on Netflix in a documentary called Missing: The Lucie Blackman Case. Lucie was an innocent tourist who flew to Japan from Britain, only to be captured in deadly claws of a deadly international criminal.

She used to work as a British Airways Flight Attendant and had some friendly plans to spend the year in Tokyo with buddy Louise Phillips. They had plans to explore the world, have new experiences and new exciting sources of income. She had a lighthearted job in the Japanese city of Casablanca to go on paid dates with customers.

But one fateful day, she never returned from one of the dates and their family was forced to fly to Japan to run a full fledged search campaign for the missing daughter.

In February 2001, her body was found and Joji was pointed at. It seems that Joji has lived a spoiled life that instigated him and motivated him to commit the most disgusting crimes in the world. His father was wealthy and he had graduated from a prestigious university.

He had inherited his father’s property and invested in his own assets of $38 million. But a recession made him lose all his assets.
He was convicted fir the crime in July 2001 after the Blackman body had been found in a cave ina fishing illage close tp one his assets. In 2007, he was freed for lack of evidence. But he had been found guilty to kill and rape Carita, an Australian model who had drugged with chloroform.

During that time, Japan had death penalty only for multiple murders so he only been charged with rape resulting to death. There was forensic evidence and he was found guilty of abduction, dismemberment and hiding Blackman’s body.

The poor girl went from paying off dent from dohans or paid dates to being innocently killed by a serial rapist. The unfortunate last time she was heard from was in a call to her boyfriend and Louise telling her that a kind date had gifted her a mobile phone and champagne.

And when Japanese police had finally went to his house to search for the case of sexual assault in October 2001, a scary revelation took place when hundreds of videos recorded him drugging and raping unconscious women.

He was a monster who viewed women with hatred and a belief that they were only good for sex. He even had his own word for rape- conquest play.

He was so repulsive that he even brought Carlita Ridgway to the hospital after drugging her with too much chloroform where she was pronounced dead.
Lucie’s cause of death was never known because her body had decomposed at a fast rate.

It is a common belief that she was dismembered with a chainsaw. More disgusting things that a fearless serial killer can do is trying to contact a hospital to know how to resuscitate a drug overdose victim.

Search terms like how to dispose a body and sulphuric acid show how much dangerous he was. He also bought the alleged chainsaw and cement which further grounded the belief that he had killed Blackman. Even her blonde hair strands were found and discovered to be Lucie’s.

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