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Kris Jenner’s Sister Before and After the Surgery: The “Crazy Aunt” Gets the Costliest Surgery to Look Like Her Sister

Karen Houghton's facial surgery makes her look like her sister Kris Jenner.
Karen Houghton's 'facelift' gave her face the appearance of her sister Kris Jenner. (Credits: 9Honey Celebrity - Nine)

Surgeries are not something new that celebrities go for to enhance their looks. It has been happening in the movie industry for so long that it has now been absolutely normalized. Often their family members, who are not much in the limelight, take up the opportunity to do the same.

Karen Houghton is the sister of Kris Jenner, the star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Recently she has been making headlines for her facial surgery that made her look exactly like her sister Kris. Did it happen unintentionally? Or was she trying to get her looks similar to those of her sister? Let’s find out!

Kris Jenner’s sister – Karen Houghton’s surgery

Karen Houghton has nowhere been talked about a lot because of her habit and preference of keeping her life a private affair. Neither does she appear often in front of the media, nor does she give any information from her end.

She is a single mother and works as a nurse. But this is not the main topic of our discussion today. We will talk about Kris’s surgery that altered her looks to the extent that she began looking like a doppelganger to her own sister.

Karen was 57 years old and naturally did not have her skin as firm as she used to have. Thinking of getting a facelift, she went to a specialist in Beverly Hills. She opted for “Auralyft” for her face, whose results actually blew her mind. Could anybody have thought that she would actually begin looking like her sister?

Karen Houghton started looking like her Kris Jenner after the surgery.

Karen Houghton’s surgery made her a doppelganger of her own sister – Kris Jenner. (Credits: YouTube)

There is one thing about this surgery that it is often referred to as the most expensive procedure. One has to spend a lot of money to get some sagging skin back to its place.

The extra fat under the eyes is pulled and transferred to the cheeks. People dropped their jaws after looking at the results. She looked like a mirror image of her sister.

Was Karen’s surgery a deliberate attempt to look like her sister?

There have been different speculations on this matter by the public. Some say that it was just a coincidence that the results came out to be so alike. Others support their view of Karen being deliberate in wanting to look like her sister Kris.

It is obvious that 60-year-old Kris is considered to be very beautiful and quite stunning. So, if any doubts bubble up, they are pretty much justified. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In one of her statements, Karen clearly said that “I look like my beautiful sister Kris and I never thought I would.” This makes her intentions very evident that it was not her deliberate attempt!

Karen Houghton has been away from the spotlight most of the time and was only a name to the public before the surgery incident grabbed her all the attention in the world. Although she was beautiful before as well, she definitely looks younger now.

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